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  1. First of all thank you all for the answers:smug: Second i want to make some things clear...my mental health is fine except the fact that im going trough a hard period because i study a lot and i get over stressed about stupid things lately When i said i cant go on with my everyday life i did not mean that i want to die or something but just that the thought of someone(anyone) being a snob stresses me and i start thinking that I might be boring or that i said something wrong About the title i guess you misunderstood some things...I mentioned that we were joking about being soulmates(of cou
  2. So... i have a lot to write and i hope you can read this and answer me cause i would be really thankful! There is that guy i met online lets call him John... So John and I been talking for 3 weeks now...but at the first 3 days of our chatting it felt like we knew each other for years! We have a bunch of things in common and we are a lot alike in our personalities... We felt so close that we were really thinking that this cant be real and even were joking about being soulmates or having met in a past life...this feeling of instant connection was new for us both but we loved it! In the 3rd
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