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  1. I've never been one to take vitamins. For some reason I always thought it was something people my parents age needed. But I will look into taking a mult-vitamin, it can't hurt and will make me healthier, thanks!
  2. Faeries- Thanks! I'll try the NutraOx. I had been using Pantene ProV "Thick and full" and it works better than other stuff I've tried but I never felt like it was doing the best job.
  3. I'mthatgirl- I can really say for how long, its been continuous through college, but it just feels like to a point where its the thinnest its been, and I don't want it to be any thinner. I never thought about a vitamin deficiency, what kinds of vitamins would help? I dont have insurance, otherwise I would make a doctors appointment.
  4. Yes, its definitely thinning. When I put it up in a ponytail or something, I can tell it feels less full when I go to put the hairtie on.
  5. Yeah I just graduated college last semester, and I had a LOT of stress going on at the end there, and trying to graduate. But things have mellowed out so, I'm not sure why, still this is happening. I know that naturally people lose hair daily, but is there something I can use to make my hair stronger? Has anyone tried a certain shampoo or spray or something thats made their hair stronger/thicker? I'm female, by the way.
  6. Ok, this has been freaking me out for a while, and I've tried different shampoos, but I don't know what to do anymore. Everytime I wash my hair or brush it, there is SO much hair that falls out. I used to have really thick hair when I was little, in high school I did alot of different things with my hair--coloring, highlighting, different styles, and I think that may have caused some irreversible damage. And now, I'm so afraid to do anything to it because SO much of it falls out. Help! Does anyone have any suggestions?
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