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  1. I appreciate the insight and the view from your personal experiences, it does help to see how different people view their goals or problems and ultimately how they deal with them. I do believe that drive to reach those goals has knocked us off course but I'm sure we will be able to set that right. Its far too easy to lose sight of what's important when you're distracted by this constant idea, then the frustration and the challenges creep in to give a reality check. Hopefully we overcome these ones.
  2. I agree and keep drawing on the same conclusion myself, thanks Sarah.
  3. Ah I just dropped my first post too, so hello. While many people have a certain amount of positivity about them, I would say most of it comes from outside i.e. the people around you, your work, hobbies, family and friends. To me its something you have to work to surround yourself in as best you can. In your position, I can understand the predicament of actually picking yourself up to get yourself going, but in your case it seems like something that you need to build on. For example, if negative people surround you, you're going to feel that in waves and it will only bring you down. Going
  4. This is my first post here so hello all. This is an awkward one (as I'm sure most are) so please bear with me. So we've been together a very busy three years achieving our goals and moving back to our respective parents for the financial stability, in-turn putting extra pressure on the relationship. My girlfriend has worked hard through a three year nursing degree but now that she is out of it, she can't seem to shake her university blues. Since transitioning to her position as a nurse she has maintained this pressure on herself, despite achieving her goals, having much less of a workloa
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