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  1. Being young and trying to practice religion has not been easy. but I have no one but myself to blame for surrounding myself with people who dont have the same beliefs as me. I am invested in power lifting and am pretty independent which is why I am widely respected for my records at my school which is the only reason why I talk to most guys at my school.(including the ones that do drugs). However I know that after highschool I am never going to see any of these people again, because I havnt developed any close friends with similar interests and that's OK. The only reason I am around these type
  2. er You are right, I consider this to be normal because almost everyone does it. I live in a small town in Canada so weed is widely accessible and consumed. However I am not apart of this normal, because I dont align myself with this type of beheviour. I thought she was special, and not part of this normal. It was just very hard to understand that even if someone cares a ton about school and looks shy and innocent doesnt mean they cant be apart of this normal. You are also right about what upset me, which was more the sex talking part. getting intoxicated to have fun is one thing, but anno
  3. Friend is a vague term, it can mean different things to different people. I have a part time job at the same location as him, and we both workout. We talk sometimes about working out at work, but nothing else. Hes not going to university, and I've never hung out with him ever. I think 'friend' may give off the wrong connotation, This guy just happened to be at the party and he just happened to sit beside me so we started briefly talking; but I know him a little from outside of school(work, gym). However, even my close friends all do drugs and drink often, almost EVERY normal person grade d
  4. I would agree, I think you are right. You are also right about judging, I try not treat people differently if they do things I dont agree with. If she were to walk up to me and ask me a question about schoolwork or something I would be totally normal like nothing happened. Which is also the reason I am friends with a drug dealer. I can still be friends with people like this, but I know that they will have no real relevance in my life after highschool because I dont agree with them.
  5. I have failed to provide enough detail, so my story does appear to be a double standard. I am religious, so I dont do drugs at all and only drink on special occasions (once a month max, it was for a friends bday) I dont hook up, also due to my belief system with my religion. I believe sex should be special, so I see hooking up as wrong in my opinion.( I also have all female siblings and cousins, and could never 'use' a girl for sex or I would feel morally wrong) I was drunk, but i have never gotten drunk past control. I remember everything, I was probably under the limit to drive. the
  6. This is exactly it. I am not the party animal type at all, that night I was out drinking with my guy friends, which I rarely do because I fitness goals for myself and dont like getting drunk often (I go out with just guy friends once a month MAX) and we went to one of my other friends houses who was having the small party. I dont do drugs at all, which is why I lose respect for people who get drunk and high to this extreme. I've tried multiple times with girls I've taken interest in, and so far every time it has been this same story, where the girl doesnt come off as the party type but in real
  7. I met a girl at school (12th grade highschool) who was very studious and seemed a little shy. She was really cute and I was really into her. I got to know her a lot, so I asked her out. unfortunately I got rejected, she said that she didnt want anything serious due to school (we graduate in a few months) so I understood, and moved on. Moving on at first was hard, but it all changed one night when I went to a small party. It was one of my friends parties, ~25 people, lights on, nothing crazy. She was there, but didnt talk to me or even greet me. About halfway through the party I was pretty d
  8. I think you are exactly right. She was already friends with this guy (we are mutual friends) before she brokeup. I think I just had bad timing. Oh well, lesson learned
  9. There's a girl I met in a highschool class. We sat a row across from eachother and quickly become friends. I am led to believe that she was sexually interested in me, she would constantly touch me and get her to help her with schoolwork. This one time she "brought the wrong textbook" and decided to move and sit beside me to share, meanwhile she couldve shared with her friend who sat beside her. She sat very close to me and touched my legs and arms. I however, didnt really reciprocate and was instead more cordial because she was going through a breakup with her boyfriend at the time. Even
  10. Quick update: she wrote me a long text saying she wasn’t ready to date anyone yet because of her past relationship, and went on about how she likes me and wants another chance. Turns out she went on a date with one of my other friends a week after she sent that. She took advantage of the fact that I liked her, and trusted her word, and lied. People like this absolutely disgust me. I hope life teaches her someday that lying gets you nowhere
  11. Yea shes definitely not interested. She may come back around next semester because I have all 4 periods of the day in the same class, but as of right now ill just forget about her. Should I text her anything or just forget about it
  12. Initially I did call her to ask her out, but her and I both said that we had a busy week with school and work, so she agreed that well figure something out this weekend or next week, and to text her later. She initially was responding to me , but then ignored me after we figured out a date. She apologized and told me that she couldnt respond for a day because she was studying all day and was busy (which was a lie because she was active on the app, and its highly unlikely that a popular girl in my generation doesnt use their phone all day). It seems to me she doesnt even have the courage to rej
  13. I agree. I am in high school, and I think it could go both ways. I’ll have to wait to see I guess
  14. Everything is planned out except now she hasnt opened my text regarding where I am picking her up (her address) for 36 hours now. I walked by her while she was at her locker at school today and she turned her back to me while she was talking to her friends. Things arent looking too good right about now but well see...
  15. The way I see it, if she doesnt even care enough to figure out the details then what is even the point. The only way I could be totally wrong, is if she genuinely is so busy on the app that she cant respond to me for 18 hours,which seems too ridiculous to even be accurate.
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