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  1. We have officially been going out since March, we made our boundaries and what we wanted clear from the start. We used to see each other regularly at first. At least once a week when we weren’t working. She lives another town over so it has to be arranged. My car broke down beyond repair around the same time and I cannot afford to get a new one just yet so that put it on the back burner, then the pandemic struck. So we do rely on texts and messaging services a lot. It’s not like I was monitoring her last night. I was talking to another friend on messenger and could see her online status.
  2. Hi all, I was wondering if someone out there could help me out with this. I’m sure it’s all in my head but would appreciate others thoughts. I’ve known my girlfriend as a friend for over a decade. We met randomly in a bar and hit it off straight away. Within the last year we got closer and romantically involved. Everything was amazing at first. Texting all the time, texting into the early hours, all that mushy good stuff in a new relationship. I knew it wouldn’t last forever. So when it tailed off and she became a bit less chatty and would leave long gaps between replies, I wasn’t s
  3. Hi everyone, OK so without going into too much I am not the most confident guy around women. Never have been. My two relationships have been with women I knew as friend prior. Recently I've got a new job that has me working late. So on the way home I've been stopping by a local late night store to grab some late night snacks. A woman seems to work the same shift and we chatted friendly as you do. Just recently she's been much more chatty. I was in there a good 30 minutes today talking to her. We talked about Game Of Thrones which I have never watched, and when I said this to her she sai
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