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  1. I suffer from crippling depression and was experiencing an extreme depressive episode a couple days ago. My friend who is aware of my situation called me and somehow convinced me to go to a party. In the past I have had issues with drinking as compensation for happiness. At this party I felt terrible I wanted to leave immediately. Instead, I drank heavily. I took shot after shot and hit any pen I could find. Last thing I remember was sitting on a couch next to girl I had somewhat known previously with my leg on top of my guy friend who was sitting below me. I was in a haze, next thing I remember my guy friend was on top of me. He was tipsy and slightly crossed. I blacked out I remember almost nothing until i felt him kissing me and groping my butt and boobs. He pulled my arm and asked to go to a room. I vaguely remember saying no and him continuing to pull me to a room. Later when I was more sober, my friends at the party showed me pictures and videos they had taken of the whole situation. I heard myself sayin "No james I can't I can't" and him repeatedly kissing me while saying, "it turns me on when you say my name." He would also stop for some time when I said I can't and the eventually go back in. Other pictures displayed me with my eyes closed while he was sucking my chest. However in most videos I kissed him back. Is kissing him back consent? I told him I couldn't hook up with him but I kissed him back? Did he have a right to believe it was consensual? Was it consensual? I know that I would have never hooked up with him had I been sober and we didn't have sex. Did he take advantage of me?
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