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  1. Sorry I've changed the title I mean ask her to be official! As in bf and gf...
  2. So I met this girl in mid May and it's approaching 4 months we've been dating now, it started off quite slow with one thing and another (she had a holiday in June, went to a festival for a week, then ended up in hospital through much of July), but it finally feels in the past month or so that we've really started to make some progress. We've actually probably seen each other close to 15 times now and dates have ranged from meals to nights out, I took her to the races for the day, and also a couple of weeks back we went to a gig for the night. I've also been round to hers on a few occasions
  3. I met a girl at the beginning of May so over 2 months now and since the meet up we have had 7 dates, the most recent of which being last Saturday. Things seemed to be going really well and I'd told my mates that I was planning on asking her out (stupid of me I admit). Anyway on last Saturdays date we were out at an event with 3 of my mates and 1 of their girlfriends (I'd agreed to go to this with them before I even met her). Obviously my mates knew I was planning on asking her at the evening time but annoyingly stuck their noses in and took it upon themselves to gauge her opinion before I aske
  4. I have been dating this girl since early May so just over 2 months and everything is going great, we message on a daily basis and have been on 5 dates (not including the night we met which was in a bar). The first 4 meet ups were just after work for meals and a couple of drinks but last saturday I took her on a full night out drinking round my closest city and then to a club; we both absolutely loved the night and had a great time. Some photos were taken and she messaged me yesterday saying she'd showed them to her family and asked if I had too (good sign). This weekend I'm taking her to a
  5. Ok so since this initial post we met up last Wednesday for a meal, and also have another date this Saturday as well as a horse racing event planned the weekend after. I am still having the issue though where-by she is not reply to my messages for hours despite her obviously been on her phone (I can see this by her presence on social media platforms). As an example it is 10pm here (UK time) and I have only received 2 messages today. I sent her one about 5 hours ago trying to iron out some of the details for this weekend and she hasn't responded despite posting on facebook and snapchat. I rea
  6. I met a girl in a bar early may, got talking and she gave me her number. For the first few weeks it was going really well, eager back and forth messages and she seemed really keen. We met up twice in May and bounced off each others company really well, and then met a third time a couple of weeks back (Sunday 9th june) for a meal and few drinks and again it seemed to go great. Took it quite steady but did end up making out at the end of the night which would make you think she was interested. But then since this meet up, certainly in the past week or so, things appear to have gone really off
  7. So an update on the situation. I never heard back from girl #1, part of me thought about messaging her in the middle of the week asking what's up but I thought against it as if I'm having to chase at this stage then it's not really working. Instead I asked girl #2 on a date and we're meeting up tomorrow for a meal and drinks! It's early days but already she seems invested in it, like she was out with a few friends on Friday but she had a quiet night and sent me a text saying 'saving myself for Sunday ;)'. Will have to see how it goes!
  8. I think this is the worst part for me, especially to not respond for 3 days AFTER A DATE! Eventhough I sent her a message as soon as I got home thanking her for the evening. That's a sure sign in my opinion that she isn't that in to it, so what's the point in me still trying to push it.
  9. Just want to make clear first I’m not a lad that usually messages multiple girls and I’m really not sure how I’ve suddenly gone to 2 when I’ve spent most of my life not messaging any! So I met a girl on a dating site at the start of April and since then we have been on a variety of different dates including drinks out, meals, and one was bowling. She always seems eager to meet up when I ask but on the actual dates themselves we seem to just be too friendly and I end up talking to her like I would my mates. We’ve kissed obviously and on the last date which was Saturday night we ‘made out’ br
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