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  1. I am married to someone who has shown no interest in me sexually or otherwise for years and years. The last time we had sex was when my daughter was concieved about 4.5 years ago. Before that it was a dutiful once a month roll on roll off encounter. We do not communicate at all, it is almost laughable, We are doing a building project, I will tell the builder 1 thing, he will say the opposite. I will go to the supermarket and do the weekly shop and then he will do the same and buy all the same things! He is not working and thinks it is below him to get a job as in Greece he ran a big company so why should he now work in a 'normal' job..he doesnt want a divorce, and not because he loves me. He doesnt want me to take the children and i have no intention of keeping them from him but he says he will ask them to choose and tell them how evil I am and destroy me! (really he uses those words!!), we moved here to England after his business abroad colapsed and HE decided we couldnt stay in Greece where we had lived all our married life. he wanted to start again. He threatens me that he will take my children, and tell them what a i am. That if I want a divorce there is going to be a war. That he will destroy me..(he is very dramatic) He thinks the children are perfectly happy and oblivious to thse issues even though he yells infront of them until they cry. I believe in happy parents, happy children even if the parents are divorced but he cant get his head around that. He ays he will never give me a divorce. `I feel so trapped and alone.
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