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  1. I met a guy about 18 months ago and we started having casual sex. At the time he told me he wasn’t looking for anything serious but just friendship. As time went on we started getting closer but keeping up with the sex. I was getting more attached to him and was hoping it would turn into something more. 6 months ago I told him how I felt and he told me it would never happen between us and that I should get over it. After a few weeks I said I accepted it but deep down didn’t fully. Something personal happened to him and our friendship has got even closer recently and he has told me in a number of occasions (when drunk) he loves me and wants me. To try not to be too needy I’ve then said I don’t want anything more from him. He’s introduced me as his partner to people and we act like a couple in many ways but we have both always kept this causal status. He has told me he would only end up cheating on me if we did get together.


    I guess my question is am I fooling myself in the hope that one day he may change and say he has always liked me, or am I best trying to just move on? He is due to start some counselling soon for sex addiction and has not had the easiest of life’s. He suffered a lot of abandonment when he was younger.


    I want to try and support him as a friend but find it very difficult to hide my true feelings.


    All advice welcome





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