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  1. Feeling like I'm losing my mind. Been dating my boyfriend for a year and a half and we spent the first 9 months doing long distance because of my job, I would see him every 2 weeks. In January we discussed our future and we decided that I should quit my job, mainly because he didn't want to do the distance anymore but in doing so it meant that we had 6 months to get married else my visa would expire. But at the time it's exactly what we wanted and the direction our relationship was heading in. Things were great, we were partners and life was great until it became time to start planning on gett
  2. My relationship is definitely a complicated one, we met last January while I was traveling for work, I would arrange my schedule to see him for least a day or two as often as possible and took all my vacation time to visit him. In January we decided that my traveling was putting too much strain on the relationship and he needed help with his two young boys. So we decided that I should quit my job, which I did. In doing so we had planned to get married to start our life together and to avoid any visa complications which gave us a 5 month timeline. We got all the necessary paperwork ready and
  3. I’ve been dating my boyfriend for a few months, he has a 3 year old and a 4 month old(only found out it was his while we were dating) with his ex girlfriend. They had originally broken up because she was cheating on him and said she was pregnant and it wasn’t his. They currently had mediation for custody and she refused to compromise so they are going to court. She has since been trying to make life very difficult for him. He does construction and relies on the weather for some jobs, recently due to rain he has fallen behind on his jobs which led to him paying the daycare late. She has been
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