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  1. C2459


    Thank you for those wise words. Yes the pain is overwhelming and I know I have to sort this mess out. I seem unable to rationalise what I need to do. Today I feel a bit more together so that's at least something. Love is a funny thing. Can give you the best days of your life but also the worst
  2. C2459


    Not really and no it's in my name. Because of aspergers bit of a loner. Think that's why I found him so addictive. He only wanted to be with me .
  3. I've been living with a guy for 5 years . He is much younger than me but we were happy but now he says he wants to be friends and go out with someone else. Obviously I'm heartbroken as I've been relegated to friend.the trouble is he cant afford to move out so I have to watch him go off under my nose. It's so painful I cant function. He has aspergers so doesn't understand why I am struggling. For him straightforward he wants this and why cant I deal with the rejection. Anyone got any advice I am collapsing under the pain
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