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  1. The first thing to ask yourself is "Do you really want to have video calls this much with him", video calls are only a way to communicate, nowadays with all the technologies, we tend to forget that the main point is to communicate. As long as u two do talk and communicate in a proper way, which should make u talk to him about this matter too, than i don't see a big deal about not having video calls. Maybe it's easier with his friends, maybe he prefers texting with you, instead of overthinking or looking for someone to blame, try asking him and discuss it the two of you together. If you like
  2. There's also me... I'm scared of myself, of letting go of the attachement i have with him because distance broke it. I'm scared of the consequences that might happen
  3. Mostly getting close with other people... And forgetting me! Being tired or over working and not giving me some of his time to just talk. A lot of things i guess...
  4. Yes it is the same guy.... And things are better now we talked a lot with honesty. I can't say that everything is perfect now, but i trust him and i wanna fight again. I'm scared of being without him during that period :(
  5. Hello everyone, hope u are all doing well. Here's my situation, i'm in a two years relationship, ups and downs, some conflicts, a lot of love and warmth too. In may, i'm going to have a traineeship far from my country, which will get me so far away form my boyfriend for four long months. The simple idea of us apart for this long breaks my heart, yeah we do talk on social media, but we're not as connected as when we're together face to face, we spent a lot of daily time with each-other. This traineeship is a golden opportunity for me, and he has been fully supportive and lovely and accepted
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    I hope so... Thank you all!
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    Yes you're right we haven't... But what about love?... Doesn't it count??? What do we do with our feelings?
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    We always knew that we had a communication problem, always worked on fixing it... I know it might seem weird, but the thing is we both get lost whenever we break up, we tried again and again but in vain, i love him and i know love is not an excuse, but no matter how much we try neither keeping up nor breaking up are solutions to fix our hearts.... I always feel like both ways i lose :(
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    Hello everyone, i hope you are doing well, here is my situation i'll try to make it as short and clear as i can. I have a boyfriend, we have been dating for one year and a half, we've been through a lot together and always managed to get over hardships (broke up a few times and got back together)... Now, we are stable and fine. During last summer, we had some big quarrel, broke up after it and all, but now everything is fixed... The thing is during that periode, he got along with one of his work colleague (that has a boyfriend, they've been dating for almost three years now) Anyway, the
  10. so i'm not an expert, but here's my advice for you: don't try to find if what she did was right or wrong. something i learned in love and through being in relationships where you're deeply involved is that the most important thing is to let it go, don't search for who's right, search for what's right (for exemple, what's right to do now, what's right to feel)... and what can make you happy. secondly, i've been through a break up and i can tell you that when you're in love, that thing hurts like hell; it destroys you and as a first inner reflex, we tend to look for a shelter in someone else!
  11. the answer above is for you... sorry i clicked in the wrong one.
  12. hello hello, i hope you are all doing well. so here's the deal, i wrote something here, less than a month ago, about my break up with my one year boyfriend. i'm coming back here for some after break up advices, just as i said back then we work together and i know you all told me to keep it professional but that's the hardest part to do. we met last sunday, only said a hi to each other, he asked if i was okay, i said yes and asked the same thing... anyway it was normal. we had a very full week at work; so our only conversations were through social networks, asking each other for documents o
  13. OMG, thank you so much for this answer, i know very well that I was at fault so many times, and that fights had worsen our relationship, but if love were strong enough, it wouldn't have died through this. All I expected from him was to show me (even through the lack of attention, of caring and all) that he still loved me. I might've been clingy and persistent, but I just wanted him to reassure me, or at least make it clear for me and take a decision, but he never did... I'll never take the blame on me for his uncertainty, that burden killed me enough... thank you!
  14. thank you so much everyone, it is always heart warming to ask for help here ♡ you're right, starting now i'll try to let go slowly even if it hurts, i need to work on myself first than think about being in a relationship again. thank you for your priceless advices!
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