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  1. Oh ya, she tried to visit last weekend but could not due to an accounting test. It was actually funny, she was jokingly mad at me for not pushing it more and saying we could study together or something and was jokingly blaming it on me. I already do have a visit planned technically in like 2 months when I go there to play hockey then like 2 weekends after that when we play them in football. She plans rn to come down November 1st or something.
  2. So there is this girl that I used to have a thing with but we broke it off because we were both going to college, but we are not that far away and deep down inside I wanted to keep it going. We still keep in touch though, which is good. Well she drunk FaceTimed me the other night and essentially talked about how she was not over me. Not like in a sad way, it was a very lighthearted and funny conversation. She would say stuff like “if we ended up together” or was talking about how she has not had sex in college because she “wants to find the right one” but also talked about wanting to have sex
  3. Well, the thing kind of is, she wanted to too. I think? I made like a flirty joke with her about hooking up then said I was joking and she said “man, I really wish you weren’t.” So I do not really know.
  4. Honestly, you are 100% right. Her reaching out to me in the first place and flirting through me all sorts of ways, and then me coming back and reaching out the next day set me back quite a bit I feel. It is really just things ended terribly, over text (because she was not able to actually see me so we could not really do it in person) and then next thing I knew I moved. It was awful, and I was hoping to make amends for it I guess, but what could I really have done? Probably nothing, so not meeting up was probably the best thing.
  5. First of all, sexual ability does not define if you are a man. It is a terribly toxic thing and you need to realize that. You are not less of a man because of how you perform in bed. The therapist thing is a perfect idea. I am sure it is really difficult to talk about with friends or family members, so getting a therapist to talk to is the best step, or talking to anyone for that matter. Also, you have no idea the thing that happened had anything to do with if she responded or not. It seemed like after that happened she was seemed down to do something again, so I feel like it may have not been
  6. Eh it was kind of a both thing, I wanted to see her again, because I did actually like her and we are still friends I guess and I wanted to keep in touch with her, but I mean a hookup would have been nice but in the end I kinda just wanted to see her again.
  7. Ok, before anyone else comments on this thing, need to get some things straight that maybe I did not mention in original post. 1. I am literally only visiting for the weekend, and I just wanted to catch up with this girl, who I used to “talk to” or whatever and we planned to remain friends and even visit each other at school. 2. Again, I had no means of transportation on this one night, and this was the only night she was free, and she literally said she wanted to see me, but then did not. She initiated the conversation and mentioned it first that she wanted to see me! That is what I wa
  8. Well no the thing is it was not like she flat out said no, she said she would do something with me that day, then did not respond. If she had said right off the bat she was busy, I would have backed off, like this weekend, she said she was doing something so I backed off. Again though, there is no other time that I could possibly meet with her until like next fall, so “catching her another time” was not really an option. And yes, I have 2 jobs, back in my home town- I am only visiting for the weekend. Again, very tight window.
  9. Lol I did not mean “old” but I more meant as in she is not a kid anymore. And she never actually said “no” thats the thing, she wanted to meet up with me, or so she said. And you are right, I am a total nice guy which sounds like a good thing but in reality is actually a bad thing. Im trying to work on it.
  10. Well the thing is, it was not really a date, more of a let’s catch up sort of thing, and I had no way of actually getting over to her because, like I said, I am only here for the weekend and the cars we had were occupied. And the reason I could not ask her to do something in advance was because I literally found out the day before I was going back to my old town, and I told her, and she wanted to meet up for a day or something, very casual, nothing serious.
  11. Jeez, youre acting like I cant read this stuff! The thing is, she has never actually said “no.” If she had flat out told me no, I would have backed off, but she hasn’t, and then she came back to me at first, and literally said she wanted to see me, so Im not exactly sure how that is her saying no? I mean, I guess that could be a possibility but she got back to me today and said her parents probably would not actually care at this point honestly, and that she “forgot” about it because she has a lot on her mind, which is probably the real lie. Her parents are very protective, I think its a south
  12. I think that, some time in the future, when you have moved out and she has “found herself” you could possibly reconcile things, but I. D.o.n.t see this happening so soon, nor do I think it’s a good idea to do it so soon because I feel as if it could just set you up for another heartbreak. Best thing to do is give it time, which is easier said than done, I know. I can definitely see it working out in the future, but right now is probably not the best time.
  13. That is a good point, never really thought of it that way I guess. Is there something wrong with that though? I fail to see how that is wrong of me.
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