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  1. That’s the thing.. I don’t want a boyfriend. I want someone who i can spend time with, And also i can grow with at the same time. (I had before... But only through the phone). Thank you I don’t feel the connection too much anymore
  2. no. I don’t want to portray it that way. He wasn’t using me. I just wanted to know and hang out with him because i always ask him if he wants to smoke. yet it’s his. Always says yes. It’s my craving and it sucks. I always associate with people like this and I just want to find someone who genuinely cares.
  3. I read all of them. I was going to write back at 2Am.... I don’t want to see this guy anymore.
  4. I know. I honestly look like someone who doesn’t smoke but.. i smoke A lot. Almost everyday
  5. I’m not so new at the dating life but i’ve had some personal growth for a couple of months and haven’t had sex in a while. i met a guy at my work who’s 9 years older than me. He always pressures me to have sex with him and even when i don’t want to, we end up doing it. He always makes me healthy foods/drinks. He gives me life lessons and advice. helps me maintain a better lifestyle and gets me motivated to workout/read and write and go on adventures, Which i love! I always smoke with him and then i go to his place. Every time i say no,... he always forces me. I feel the one being selfish for e
  6. honestly youre not alone. many people have a bigger heart than others and love the feeling of being attached. If you really want to pour your heart to her and tell her how much you really Love her then wait a couple months. dont move too fast but dont move too slow either. just enjoy it. dont feel anxious. keep holding her tightly so she knows. People who say i love you too fast tend to rush things.
  7. I know this isn't ing weird. I know there are people out there.. I've been talking to this guy for almost 5 months now and it feels like forever because we text and talk on Facetime all the time. i'm surprised he hasn't asked me out. when we see each other in person its fun at first but it gets kinda boring after 4 hours. I try so hard to make it exciting but he always pulls that "okay i'm getting kinda tired i'm gonna go now" and its barely 6 or 7pm. He always texts and tells me about his day through the phone but its not the same in person. I'm getting kinda self conscious. Like if i make
  8. I say you should go for it. If you still have feelings for her. You can call her at night and poor your heart to how you really cared about her. Remember that the present is what changes the future and you never know if you don't try. If she doesn't want that still, then now you know shes ed up cause she knows shes missing out on something big. If she does... Don't be too soft, too comfortable. Get to know her at first like its the beginning. Girls won't make another move If you guys do. And remember that your current girlfriend deserves better too.
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