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  1. I know how you feel. I was in relationship with my boyfriend (the first love) for more than 8 years. We broke up 6 months ago and I was devastated, I felt like I lost more than 8 years of my life, I felt worthless. First two months were really hard, I cried a lot, ate unhealthy, felt so unhappy, because he went out and enjoyed the life. Just like you I swore to myself - I will be patient and I believe that there is still hope. And you know what? Time went by and he didn't try to communicate with me at all (except on my birthday) and one day I was like "well, I don't need this". I continued
  2. I understand you completely. I broke up with my boyfriend (the first love of my life) 6 months ago, we were together for more than 8 years. I was really afraid to be single/alone, but as you can see I’m alive and well. I'm not saying break ups are easy, but with every day it gets a little better. Cut her out of your life and focus on yourself. Good luck!
  3. Maybe you should choose yourself? Let them all go and focus on yourself. Good luck!
  4. Distance relationships are not for everyone. Hold on, some day pain will end and you will find love again. Good luck!
  5. I understand you completely. I broke up with my boyfriend 5 months ago. I was really afraid to be single/alone, but as you can see I’m alive and well. You need to focus on yourself right now. And no, you’re not selfish for taking care of yourself.
  6. We all make mistakes and that is completely normal. I think that you are in this situation because you change your mind too quickly. You need to choose one way and stick with it! Good luck!
  7. That's what happens in life - different places and situations make us understand what we really want in life. Sounds to me that it's over, now you have experience and that's a good thing. Good luck!
  8. I agree, it's way too soon to consider something more than a friendship, she has been single only for two weeks. You should always put yourself in the first place and protect yourself. Good luck!
  9. Honestly I have no idea why she came home. Maybe “publicly” isn’t the right term. I meant – he is telling all those things to our mutual friends and our mutual friends tell their other halfs and so on. He never said anything bad to me about our relationship, so I was really upset when I heard it from other people.
  10. Thank you all for your opinions and advice! Really appreciate it and needed it.
  11. It all started in 2010, we both were in high school and we fell in love. We moved really quickly, after 4-5 months we said “I love you” to each other. Everything went great, but then in the end of 2010 his grandmother passed away and his mother came home from The United Kingdom (she moved there in 2008) to support him. Long story short – she hates me. After year in the end of 2011 his grandfather passed away as well. He was completely devastated, because he was raised by his grandparents. In the New Year 2012 I moved in his house, because I didn’t want him to be alone. It was really hard time
  12. So sorry, but I agree with Gary Snyder. I think she has feelings for this new guy and that's why she is so determined to break up.
  13. 5 years in relationship and you aren't living together + he is ignoring you again and again? Sorry, but for me this relationship sounds wrong.
  14. And this friend of yours that she knows.. Can't you ask him anything about this situation? But honestly it seems to me that you're in her friend zone.
  15. It's really good that you know what you want in life and even better if you won't ever forget about what you want. Don't think too much about those hugs, cuddles and other stuff. It often happens after the breakup because you know... it's comfortable, it's habit, it's safe. Just let her go, if you're destined to be together it will happen.
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