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  1. Hi guys/gals. Sorry for the long detail of this story but want to cover all grounds. So I met a guy on a gaming platform last year and we started playing together and what not. I introduced him to the friends I play with regularly and then we proceeded to all play together. He was always asking me personal questions (nothing inappropriate) such as was I married, what my favorite things were, favorite food, what side of town I lived on (we live in the same city) etc. etc. getting to know me. A few months went by and he asked me for my Snapchat so we could stay in touch and at first we wouldn't talk very regularly but this year in January we started talking everyday. He then found me on Instagram (how....I am unsure but sure enough he did!) We are both single but were always just friendly with each other. One day I told him I felt I was going to be "single forever" (kind of joking, kind of not) and proceeded to tell me that I wasn’t going to be, asking me if I wanted to go get something to eat that night. I was shocked. He had always mentioned one day he was going to meet me but it was just really random and I did not imagine it happening right then. I was nervous - not because I thought he was a catfish or anything (we would Snapchat so I had seen him) it was just nerve wrecking to meet the person you talk to everyday finally face to face. I said okay...he then told me he was nervous (made me feel better lol) but told him to not be. So fast forward, we met for dinner that night (this is February) and it went great he offered to pay for me but told him we could split the bill. So we hugged each other at the end of the night and proceeded to go our separate ways (and played video games when we both got home). After that, we would see each other probably once a week or so. I took him to a company function the next week and after that we went to go eat again. He never posts anything on snapchat, but on this food adventure he took a picture with me and posted it on his snapchat. I know it might not sound like anything, but he never posts anything and I was stunned he put in on his social media. I casually brought it up that night saying omg wow I made the snapchat story! He said “I’d always be on his snap”. So in the month of March we saw each other every week once a week. After our last food adventure, he asked what our next one would be. In February, I had told him about a DIY project I wanted to do at my house and he was very excited about it and wanted to help me with it. So I told him next time, I could cook and we could work on the project and watch a movie – in which this is all happening at my house. He was excited about it just as much I was. Fast forward that next week...sometimes he would go some nights and not say anything to me at all...starting from like 5pm...yes that would make me feel a certain way like what is he doing and he can't say anything or say he's okay? But he spoke on it and apologized for it saying that some things happen at home that put him in a bad mood and personal things go on and I told him it was fine. One night I didn't say anything and that bothered him but I just wasn't having a good day and told him when he does it to me I don't say anything or point it out, which is why he apologized and explained what goes on…telling me he cared about my feelings.He said he felt comfortable talking to me about personal things and I told him I'm glad he did that he could talk to me about things anytime. So that Thursday night, he didn't say anything. In my mind, I'm annoyed because he does it and just apologizes over and over again, after saying he wants to fix not saying anything and at least let me know some things were going on. (We've known each other for about 7-8 months at this point). The sorrys just got tiring...that's all. He's asking about my day and such and we're both having a busy day at work so I'm not responding how I usually might. We were talking then all of a sudden, he leaves me on read....he left me on read Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and then Tuesday…in my mind...somethings wrong. We’ve never gone this long and not talked. But I see he's on Snapchat...so finally Tuesday (after being persuaded by a friend to say something) I asked if he was okay…he said he was fine and he stopped talking because I was being “short” and took it as me not wanting to talk to him anymore and he left it alone. I was stunned, and confused. I was not being short… Attempting to not be mad, I asked him why he thought that and asked why he couldn’t have said that earlier? He said he thought I knew. That angered me. There is not a huge age gap (I’m 27, he is 25 next month) but I found that response to be extremely childish. Am I a mind reader? No. I’m upset at this point. I was being logical with him and asking him if he had asked me if I didn’t want to keep talking to him. He said no and he guessed he should have. He said he assumed I didn’t want to talk to him anymore. How could you think that? We have plans for you to come over and help me with my project… I never once said to you I don’t want to talk to you anymore. He then proceeded to ask me what my answer would have been if he asked. I told him never mind that, did he want me to leave him alone? He said “I think it’s best we go our separate ways I have too much going on” and I said “as you wish” and we have not spoken since. Assumptions are the worst possible thing one can have and act on for that matter. It hurts. He then proceeded to keep watching my social media stories and that triggered me. Who do you think you are? Telling me you think we need to go our separate ways but lurk on my social media? Going our separate ways? But we’re just friends? I took him off everything but he still follows me and watches my stories to this day but doesn’t say anything. Why is he watching my stuff still? Mind you he hasn't taken me off anything. He was like the male version of me... we just clicked...Yes I liked him but we never did anything nor did I ever bring it up because I wasn't sure if it was mutual. My friends said yes he likes you CLEARLY he talks to you everyday sends you good morning good night wants to see you help you with handy things etc etc. He would tell me I was beautiful and send me the kiss emoji if I sent him a picture of myself or hug me when I saw him, as I would too. I’ve left it alone because in my mind there is a maturity gap and I’m still upset. But at the end of the day, when I see he is seeing my stuff, it hurts…I miss him. I miss our friendship. I miss our conversations, us hanging out. I honestly have no idea what went wrong and how this escalated where but I am prideful. The pride in me keeps me from reaching out because this is what he wanted. Not me. It’s been three weeks or about a month or so. My friends say he wasn’t expecting me to be okay with just saying we shouldn’t talk anymore and was probably hoping for a different response and that he didn’t view me as just a friend…well I’m not 20 and if someone tells me bye then okay I guess it’s bye… but I’m still over here conflicted. And I know for a fact it’s not because of another female. I see things that make me think of him and I want to send it to him, but then I tell myself not to....I feel like he might think I hate him or I'm like super mad at him and I'm not...I'm disappointed he let a mental assumption end our friendship like this. I went from talking to him all day everyday to not speaking to him at all and anybody who knows that feeling understands the pain. Do you think if I reached out and asked how he was doing that would be okay, or should I just leave it alone completely? I have the strong urge to be like "so you can watch my stories but can't speak (:" (in a playful banter way but I don't know)
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