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  1. Thanks for advice, but I think I already meet a lot of people. The problem is I don't know how to get closer to them after I meet them. Even if I succeed in that, I make a friend from someone I like. I guess it should come naturally, but it is not coming. :(
  2. Hello people! There were many guys that I liked, but it seems that they didn't like me. Maybe I am wrong with that conclusion, but I always end up as friend or acquaintance with the guy I like. I am not ugly, people even say I'm pretty, I'm studying on good university, but I just can't make connection with people from my social circle and find boyfriend. I am a bit shy and not sure how to act around someone I like. It is quite possible that I seem unapproachable, but I just don't know what I am doing wrong. I have never had serious relationship and this situation annoys me so much. I wonder will I ever find anyone for me.
  3. You are right, you are so damn right. I needed someone to look at it objectively.
  4. Anyway, thank you for investing your time in me. I guess I bored you with all of this, I just needed someone to talk to and let it go out of my head.
  5. It all seems... A little bit childlish. But still I don't quite understand why he started acting like that. Whatever I did, there wasn't a reason to become so distant I find it hard to make any contact w him... I wasn't forcing a relationship, I thought things will go their own way. You know, he's what I expected from a man and now he's.. Gone. Maybe I should just assume I imagined it all up and let it go...But I couldn't have imagined friendship, could have I?
  6. I don't know why I didn't talk about that with him.. We have never actually talked about our feelings. They were obvious, even people around us noticed it. I kinda took it for granted. Our relationship definitely needed more talk, not on all the other subjects we talked about, but on us. And maybe I also backed up a bit the moment I moved. I was preoccupied with all the new things happening. When I tried to came closer again, he backed up. Maybe I took it too serious, maybe I would know what he was thinking if we talked about it..
  7. Thank you for opening my eyes a little bit. It is true that I've been acting ridiculous when I expected something. But I would never think we won't stay friends at least. The thing is, I need a lot of time to connect with someone. And I feel quite lonely in new city. I liked him and it was much easier to hope for something to happen with him, than to go through all the stages of meeting new people.
  8. It isn't so strange since I lived in very small town that is close to the big town(his town). Lots of people move from my town to his. He could know I might come someday. I would move there anyway, but I admit I had expectations.
  9. Well, I'm almost sure that I would move there even if I had never met him. I had better opportunities in that city. I just was happy to know that he is also there.
  10. I haven't discussed about it with him so much before making the decision. He.. wasn't sad for sure, but he wasn't extremely happy either. I actually think he has no idea that he may be one of the reasons because I have never let myself show how much I care.
  11. Well, I had to move to other town because of my job. And I could chose between two towns. There were various reasons for choosing that one, and yes, one of the reasons was him.
  12. Thank you for your answer. You are probably right, I don't know how else to explain it. But it is still very hard to let it go. I was hoping that we have a chance. And I don't know how to act when I meet him because I will meet him for sure from time to time. I also feel like I will never find anyone for me.
  13. We met on a trip. We had mutual friends, so all of us went to trips together. I've spent many days with him in person and it seems we were quite close.
  14. We met on a trip. We had mutual friends, so all of us went to trips together. I've spent many days with him in person and it seems we were quite close.
  15. I met a guy three years ago and we were attracted to each other since the beginning, but we lived in different towns. We were friends and met each other few times a year. I liked him more than anyone ever and thought we would make great couple. When I moved to his city(for other reasons than him) I hoped we would become even closer, but he suddenly became uninterested. He is nice to me whenever he sees me but never remembers to call and it seems like he doesn't want to keep contact with me anymore. We were very close and it really hurts me. Doesn't he want me anymore even as a friend? For past three years there were times when I stop thinking about him, but somehow he gets on my mind again. I am worrying that maybe I did something wrong and constantly getting trapped in whatifs. It's consuming so much of my time and energy and I want it to stop. I tried but I find it hard to fall in love with anyone else. What should I do?
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