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  1. so please keep in mind that this was written at three am, it is an email draft i wanted to send to my friends but never got around to it as i realized how bad it seemed. please dont say how over dramatic it seems or that relationships like these are unbearable and i am truly trying, honestly i just want advie on learning to let go of things, people and emotions. there might be some switches to my mother language but 99% is in english (ps i did not want to edit it as i felt the message would have been heavily altered if id started modifying it now ) so guess whos back, annoying, kinda over
  2. look, i havent had *this exact case* happen to me, but i know exactly how you feel with the aspect of wasting so much time, energy, emotion and commitment into somebody and/or something and then things just falling apart without a notice or reasoning. and it sucks, so damn much. i know others will be telling you about "you shouldve noticed the red flags" or "what did you expect hes almost twice your age" but i understand this attraction of wanting to talk to and be around to somebody you feel you can be yourself around. and believe me when i say that there is nobody more deceiteful than a
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