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  1. Can someone e plain the logic in believing that a trigger simply means that your aren’t over the one who caused the trigger? My thought is it can go one of both ways. 1. You aren’t over your Ex 2. You’ve learned not to fall into the same patterns so a trigger is a red flag. I had an argument with my girlfriend this morning about something and because it was a trigger to me she labeled me insecure because of the trigger. Where a behavior of hers concerned me and I address it and all hell broke lose. Can you guys give me your opinions. I’m interested in knowing peoples thoughts in this
  2. Wow! Thanks man that was really good advice I really appreciate it.
  3. I’ve been trying to find myself, what I wanna do or not necessarily do like for a living but something that drives me and gives me a reason to get up. I’m not depressed or anything. Though I have hit depression cause of just things that happen in life. I’m just writing cause I’m trying to do new things in my life because I wanna grow to be better and hopefully this may lead me to what I’m looking for or at least close to it.
  4. I’m not she is in a way, she’s also voiced it to me. I don’t give a crap about her age. I thought she was at least in her mid 30’s when we met. She definitely doesn’t look her age but at the same time nither do I. I’m 31 and I can pass for a high school kid. The oldest I look is 24. I actually really like her. The only reason why I’m writing about her is cause I do
  5. There an 11 year age gap, I’m 31 she’s about to be 42 in a few weeks. She’s very bold and not of an open book that’s usually the kind of women I date anyway but for some reason the boldness goes away because they don’t wanna hurt my feelings cause I’m a “nice guy.” When we’re together we’re like two school kids and we can’t keep our hands off one another. But there are certain things she says at times that leave me thinking that she’s anticipating the worst. I know it could all be in my head but i could also be right.
  6. I’ve been dating this older woman for a few months now and things are pretty good but I think that the age gap or something keeps her from opening up to me. We mesh really well together and we have a ball but there are things that she says and certain things that to me says that I shouldn’t put forth so much of the effort I’ve been giving and I’m giving a lot. For me to open up to someone was hard for me to do but I did it cause I thought she was worth the risk. Now I feel like I’m wrong.
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