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  1. Hello Enotaloners! I've been on this forum a lot, I don't comment, just watch in the background, but decided to write a post. As you've probably guessed by the title, today I'm telling a story about how breaking up and giving space to my ex led to us getting back together. So here goes. Last summer (towards the end of UK lockdown 1.0) I met a girl on a dating site, messaged back and forth and 3 days later we switched number. From there we started dating, first was a walk around the park, after that the dates were at each others, either cooking, drinking, watching a film, go
  2. I counted the messages because people were saying on here I sent billions of messages and lots, like I sent 10 back-to-backs for days so I just wanted to make it clear.
  3. Can I just ask why is everyone acting like this is harrasment? In the last 4 days I only sent 8 more messages than she sent me? That's an extra 2 a day average (And she still sent a lot). And before then she would send more messages than me. It's not like I'm going to continue 'blowing up' her phone like I did the last four days? Remember she never said if I was to never talk to her again or even if she wanted to stop dating (I'm just presuming she wants to stop, who knows, this could be a test to see if I still blow up her phone. Something I'll never know unless she tells me one day). She
  4. Yeah you're all right. To be honest, she showed more interest in me in terms of what her messages contained and how she was in person than I did with her, as well as asking me out and talking about future dates (especially when she thought I blocked her last week - I didn't), but it seems now that I showed way more interest in a way where it was overbearing and space invading, rather than what she did, which was nice and thoughtful and caring. And then I over stepped the line by persisting to message her when I realise and probably always knew was bad. Of I just went out with mates or watch
  5. Hi everyone, I've been dating this girl for 3 weeks, known her for 5 weeks. Altogether I'd say we've had about 3 dates, and then seen each other another 6 times (I know, that's alot already). So she had a gay guy friend round from her home town back in Germany for a week last week. Me and her spoke as normal, Saturday few of her friends went out with her and I ended up blowing up her phone as she wasn't replying to me. She later messaged me saying not to worry, and why I'm worrying so much (to be fair, I messaged her a lot which was wrong now I think about it). She then said good nig
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