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  1. To be honest I wish I'd never started this thread. I've had some fab advice but a lot of personal attacks which I didnt come here for. If there was a delete button!
  2. I came here because I had all these feelings that I have no one to talk to about. Every 6 months or so it all boils up again and I feel nothing towards him and want out. Then I realise it's just possibly the lust I am missing (which is understandable when you've been together 15 years, but not sure I ever had it?) And actually I have a wonderful companion and someone I care deeply about. I'm happy for ages...and then I'm not. Sorry I don't fit into a box for you!
  3. All I said was I have looked at other men. My husband looks at women. I notice men and they notice me. Doesn't mean I would do anything.
  4. Thank you for this. I am a million miles different from the girl I was 15 years ago. Hi, thank you very much for your input. We're going to give it a good shot at falling in love again. Your reply really speaks to me!! Thank you xx
  5. Hi, not I would not want him to stay with me if he felt like that. I'm going to try, try to feel that magic with him. Thank you for this. Best of luck for your healing. This is bs. Again. "People like you?!" You don't know me!! "Jump from one to another" !! I have given nearly half my life to this man! Over 15 years??! I would NEVER cheat on him. 5 years is nothing. Talk to me in another 10..
  6. I meant everything I've said this whole thread. He's a great man and I could do a lot worse. I'm definitely not in love with him but i love him to death. When I'm with him, things aren't so bad. I'll push the feelings down and theyll crop up again in 6 months or so. Sorry to confuse people. I'm a bit up and down! :(
  7. Umm...thanks very much for the input guys. Really don't want to get in a slanging match. Hubby is home and is funny and loving self as usual. I feel guilty for feeling I want to leave him and we're all happy families chatting over dinner. Will mull it over.
  8. I treat my husband normally. In front of our son or not, I treat him as a human being?! No different. I keep this shi* inside
  9. You are a very bitter, broken man by the sounds of it. So I should live with my sons caring loving father even though it makes me unbelievably sad and lonely? I have done that for the last 5 years!! I think I have given enough!! Two to tango, agreed. I am our sons majority caregiver by a good 90%!! I do everything whilst me husband is in bed or watching football!! I think you are very wrong here. I've had a long time to think about this. There is no rushing!! If I was thinking of only myself I would have left 14 years ago!
  10. Cheers for that. Thanks My sons father would be welcome here whenever he wanted. I would never stop that. Ever.
  11. I was just explaining a few bad points he has. Nobodies perfect! I have bad points too. To be fair you're right, he's not my best friend, I cant talk to him about anything and everything, because he's not listening and doesn't care anyway. Ha! Smug! Odd. I had an unplanned child at 18, I did not plan on a family unit to be smug about to unmarried people! I deserve a man who respects me. I do not get that currently.
  12. Thank you Sarah, how did you do it if you don't mind me asking?? I plan on staying single for a very long time!!
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