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  1. Day 6 and I am keeping myself busy and hanging out with friends i still think about him, but i think i deserve better. i wont be going back to dating soon. I will take time to heal and learn from this experience :) ugh why do i miss him :(
  2. Anyways Day 5 and going strong. I still think about him but i am hoping it will pass soon.
  3. Me and my actual ex we ended it amicably in 2016 and now we are really good friends - none of us want more than just being friends, we just wanna remain friends since we were together for 7 years. This October 2018 i took a leap of faith and thought i am ready for something new and this happened ... I'm very shocked and sad at the point, its gonna be hard for me to try again next time.
  4. I moved here to start grad school. it was almost a year n half since i broke up with my ex. The apartments here usually start on a lease in July of a certain year.
  5. So i moved to a new city and met this guy in September 2018, we just clicked ! I just got out of a long relationship( me and my ex just split amicably since we saw no future- we wanted different things in life) so i was not really sure about this guy. He also came out of a long relationship. Things were fun in the beginning we just wanted to be together and really enjoyed spending time together, however i wasn't really sure about him (there were things about him i found annoying) anyways i wanted to trust him since he made me happy. Unfortunately every time things went wrong i decided to leav
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