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  1. Thank you ALL for your support . I'm starting to hope there is a light in the end of the tunnel Did anyone ever been friends with their X ? Is that even possible ?
  2. We promised to be friends for sake of Jake ( our boy ) . But I guess it's never going to work .... Luckily my X didn't expose him to many of his partners because we had rule about it. Unfortunately I have no longer any control over that and just hoping he won't introduce him to every girl he knows .
  3. HI About 9 months ago my 4 years old marriage has ended . We've been together 5 years before that , so 9 years all together. In although it's a very long time to heal I'm still struggling. We maintained to be friends due to having 3 year old boy together , until now . My Ex had a few GF's in a mean time , GF's he treated muuuuch better than me , GF's he would do things for, that he would not do for me. Every time he had a new GF he was becoming very cold and we argued a lot because of the way he would treat me ...but then after few weeks everything would go back to normal and we would be friends again. I was always there for him, no matter what....putting my new relationship at risk . He tried to come back to me few times , first time I've agreed to but after one day he decided he wants to go back to the girl he just broke up with . Second time after few months I had a doubt of going back to him even that I was in relationship then ( my current BF knew about this doubt ) but I think it was mostly for our little boy and the familiar feeling . And maybe because I Was afraid he will go back to the previous girl again I said no. We've managed to be friends until about 2 weeks ago when he again met a new GF and decided to cut almost all contact apart from regarding the care of our son. It hurts like hell because he promised me and my little boy few things which he didn't do as how he told me ... that would bring a risk to his new relationship. It hurts like hell because as a friend I was always there for him ... against my relationship. He could not be even respectful enough to finish what he promised . You all will probably read this and think I must be mad ... I probably am because I do have very loving boyfriend right now , who really understands what im going through but this situation still makes me sad / angry . I'm hurt because I was trying to be fair and I never broke given promise , but I was thrown out like a old not needed toy .... Today is my first day when I've managed not to contact him about anything ...normally we would contact every day since the break up. Me more recently thank him as he become very ignorant. It's really really hard , and the feeling of being thrown out it's depressing me . I used to be very happy person , now every day feels like blaaah. I've decided to write here to let my emotions out .. or maybe someone was in the same situation ?
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