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  1. Thank you ALL for your support . I'm starting to hope there is a light in the end of the tunnel Did anyone ever been friends with their X ? Is that even possible ?
  2. We promised to be friends for sake of Jake ( our boy ) . But I guess it's never going to work .... Luckily my X didn't expose him to many of his partners because we had rule about it. Unfortunately I have no longer any control over that and just hoping he won't introduce him to every girl he knows .
  3. HI About 9 months ago my 4 years old marriage has ended . We've been together 5 years before that , so 9 years all together. In although it's a very long time to heal I'm still struggling. We maintained to be friends due to having 3 year old boy together , until now . My Ex had a few GF's in a mean time , GF's he treated muuuuch better than me , GF's he would do things for, that he would not do for me. Every time he had a new GF he was becoming very cold and we argued a lot because of the way he would treat me ...but then after few weeks everything would go back to normal and we would be fr
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