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  1. It's really difficult as the hurt can be so painful from what happened it can totally freeze you in this position and it feels like you never trust again. I am in similar situation I have been single for a while doing lots of therapy and finding who I was and started dating again 2 months ago and go my trust broken again. I am in so much pain that at the moment I cant see me in relationship at all but I am hoping that will pass. If it doesn't then I will concentrate on me my hobbies connections with healthy people and my family I totally get where you coming from but perhaps give yourself some time.
  2. Thank you guys I think that would be same advice I would give to my best friend but couldn't quite see it myself this just triggered something in me and my past that I couldn't see it until now. It's very hurtful but will stop all contact.
  3. I met this guy on dating site was talking to him for 2 weeks met for two dates with great connection so I thought and since then 8 weeks ago I have not seen him we are still talking every day on whatsup but no personal content just how was your day going. I have asked for date and he said he is too busy with work but promised to try and find a date to see me. I have asked him about all of this and he said he would let me know if he wants interested " I am not one for messing people around". I really liked him and I am not sure how to react to this??
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