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  1. Thanks for the replies guys...even though most of you were extremely rude ... but to each his own. One thing which did help me is that I understand I was being unreasonable and I won’t be mentioning this feeling of mine to my fiancé. FYI- 1) it’s his brother’s baby...yes it was all well and cute that he was playing with a baby but what annoyed me was that the baby’s parents were sleeping in their own room whilst the rest of the family was handling the baby at 2am. This happens everyday. The baby is sweet even I care for him but his parents really should be looking after him not the rest
  2. Just really need to vent out somewhere... so earlier on tonight me and my fiancé (who lives in another city so it’s a long distance relationship ) were talking on the phone and the convo gradually got sexual - we normally make do with phone sex since we can’t meet that often - so I said to him give me 5 mins I just need to go to the loo. I visited the loo and rang him back within 5 minutes but he didn’t answer... I then waited around 15 minutes after which he messaged me saying ‘coming in 5 mins’ ... another 10 mins passed and he finally rang me. I asked what took him so long and he told me th
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