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  1. I met my boyfriend when I was 17 and he was 23. At the time I was very enchanted by him but as time has passed I am having serious doubts about our relationship. We have been together for 4 years now. Let me give a few examples of things that worry me: - Even early on he made me feel bad over things I have no control over. He would complain that he couldn't go to the pub with me even tho he knew I was underage (btw I am from the Uk so it wasn't illegal for us to date). He would also make me feel bad over other things like me putting an eczma cream at night becuse he doesn't like the feeling of it. - He's always right. And he always remembers what happened exactly no matter how much time has passed. And in those very rare instances when he cannot win an argument he just says 'okay you're right there you go, leave me alone now I am tired', so I end up aplogising anyway. - All my interests are stupid, no matter if I am reading about the origin of the universe or watching a comedy, whatever I am doing its always bad and he doesn't take an interest in anything. - There is no communication, its all rosy or a full-blown argument. - He said a lot of hurtful stuff. When my grandma was sick and I was crying he didn't comfort me because 'he couldn't relate and I should speak to my family'. - He is extremely vengeful towards other people. He is also very strict and if someone does something he doesn't like they are automatically a bad person (e.g. smoking pot) - unless it's his friends, they get a pass. - He has very little respect to people who aren't equally educated. However, with all that said. He's not always bad. He can be very helpful (physical stuff like dropping me off, paying for a meal when I am broke) and loving towards me (almost clingy) and shows me loads of affection when times are good. Obviosuly I am not perfect either and I am a rather stubborn person with issues of my own. We have a lot of good memories together and my part of me just wants to push forward and see how things will turn out. But the rest of me knows that we have gone past a point of no return. I also have a chronic fear of abandoment and I don't know how I'd cope without him. Sorry for this post being so rambly, a lot of things happened and its very difficult to collect my thoughts.
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