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  1. I’m honestly not ready for dating or seeing a new guy. I’m not over him yet. My feeelings change On a daily basis, I’ve woke up this morning thinking about his good points and feeling sad. Questioning myself for him contacting escorts ???? Worried that I’ll be crushed when I see he’s moved on properly and will lead a happy/normal life with someone else. I’m trying to tell myself that, that won’t be possible due to his drug addiction and lust for women but you never know. Hopefully how I’m feeling is just part of the process.
  2. Bit upset after all the chat only natural when talking about it ! Than you all though for your words and advice
  3. Think I’m inclined to agree with you Sherry. I’ve thought about this a lot and In the end it puts me in a bad light even though it’s his detriment. I was gonna say it sucks that it’s like he’s getting off with it, but will he ? He’s 46 and I’m 40 ! He is gonna burn out in his own way
  4. Also people are gonna start asking what happened soon ! Do I tell them the truth that he’s got a problem with coke and escorts and lying ???
  5. Also people are gonna start asking what happened soon ! Do I tell them the truth that he’s got a problem with coke and escorts and lying ???
  6. No I didn’t think he was emotionally unavailable he made out he wanted a relationship with me from very early on and we introduced our kids he has two and I have two. We went on holidays, spent Xmas together, endless stuff yet he was doing all this behind my back and that’s only the ones I found out about !!! Scary stuff !
  7. I’m not ready but he is, poor females who fall for it like me ! Makes me doubt myself so much what he’s put me through and what I’ve let him put me through
  8. No he’s defo not a catch ! Took a while though for me to figured that one out. Agreed no dating for me. I’m not ready in any shape or form and it wouldn’t be fair to totter people. This is resentment I’m feeling and I know it will pass, it’s just all a bit new and raw !! On a positive note I got the all clear from sexual diseases today. That made me feel sick Typing that Thanks for all your words
  9. Thank you for your intelligent reply. We split just over 3 weeks ago . I wasn’t intending on swiping as I’m not ready, just wanted to have a look at what was available and also any comebacks even without a photo. I’ve always had bad relationships where I’ve been cheated on I think they sense my vulnerability and low self esteem and that’s something I have to work on. It’s a priority. He swept me off my feet and moved quickly looking back too quickly. However he made memprtnof his family but you can’t hide what he is. Thanks again
  10. Recently split with my ex of 4 years. I caught him texting escorts he eventually admitted but said nothing happened !!! I tried to continue but the trust was broken And he wouldn’t commit to me . I guessed he was at it again so I called him out and told him he had a problem with hookers and coke and basically he lost it as I’d ruffled his feathers and he told me I was mental and that we were done I was in agreement and I did a runner and no contact has been made since. Today we were matched onna dating site although my picture isn’t up and there’s his profile acting all Cool and funny. I don’t know if he knows it’s me yet he will click though. How funny ? The thing is it’s hurt me even though I know he’s not good enough for me. I hated going out with him as he’d check every female out and flirt if given the opportunity. He was also emotionally unavailable and didn’t find me all that clearly but then why would he when he was probably sleeping with females half my age. Loads of good points but the bad outweighed the good hence why I’ve not chased him or asked him to take me back, as if !!! Think I’m looking for reassurance as when your partner favours escorts over you, someone who is a willing and good partner, completely trustworthy it does something to You On a different level. He has too much money and am I wrong to hope that he will never be able to sustain a normal relationship,one where he doesn’t have to take drugs to perform and get excited. On his profile he said he has endurance and stamina ! Aaaaaarrgggghhhh
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