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  1. I agree, thats its partially my fault for fostering such behavior, but i have not misrepresented myself to her. She did not live with me at first so i always had to do the chores in the first place. As time goes by, she gradually “moved” in with me; staying from 1 time a week to gradually 3-5 times a week over the span of 2-3 years. I wouldnt expect her to do chores if she was staying maybe 1-2 times a week with me, so its natural for me doing all the chires as it is my house and my mess that ik cleaning up. When she pretty much stayed 3-5 days a week, nothing really changed with regards to th
  2. Thanks for the advice, im 33 and she is 26, almost 27. I do have a tendency to stay in relationship because i have invested a lot of time in my partner . Furthermore, i always try and have a positive and constructive attitude when it comes to working on the relationship. I can always convince myself that its not bad and that it will be alright in the end, which it always has. But when facing the question, whether i should continue and marry her, or set her free, i’m lost. I truly believe that she is great, and possess alot of good qualities. When it comes to compatibility, i believe we
  3. Hi all, Currently, I am in a 5 year relationship with a lady who is around 7 years younger than I am. The past years have not always been great, but it has not been terrible either. From the outside we seem a good a couple and seemingly have it all, but on the inside we have our fair share of problems. These problems are mainly the result of my inability to take our relationship to the next step, namely marriage and eventually children. This has been the discussion for the last 1-1,5 years now and currently my partner is giving me an ultimatum: either fully commit and marry her or part ways
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