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  1. Thank you!i will take this into consideration
  2. Well i mean if he watches my stuff all the time then you would thinl if he wanted to talk he would of then. But thank you for the advice!
  3. I feel like im going down this path...i say end it how it is and learn to move on...itll feel great. Youll meet someone new who will love you[emoji817][emoji171]
  4. So my ex amd i have been well i guess you could call it on amd off. We dated a while ago but thatsvnot important. About a week ago he left me. And just a few days ago is when i finally stopped thinking of him and was ready to move on. Well his friend(lets call her riley) texted me. Riley asked if she could talk to me. Ofc i said Yeah. Then riley told me that my ex had been saying that he thinks he made a mistake and misses me. (This was my first love ofc) and i said oh well okay. Riley then proceeded to ask if i cared or not. And i said ofc i care about him and what not. Well then i said that he would have to text me about everything. But its been almost a day since then and still no text. What do i do?? (And this is all ive been thinking about)
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