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  1. Thank you Afireblue. You sound like a decent human being xx
  2. Clearly not. I-ve never had high self esteem. I was a care kid and I haven't experienced many positive relationships. I clearly need ro be on my own for a bit and sort my head out. Thank you to everyone thats commented. Might not have been easy to read but the truth often hurts
  3. I have spoken to sone friends back home. They've said I can stay with them. Im going back tomorrow
  4. I'm in a bit of a rut at the moment. Last year I finished a long term relationship because we never spent any time together. He was more interested in getting stoned and playibg his xbox than spending time with me. I met a guy online. He wasn't working when I met him but I has my own olace and a job and although he asked for a bit of cash now and then i was happy. Things got serious and I moved to be nearer him. I've been living at his mum's for the oast 5 months and during this time I've seen major cahnges in him and I-m not happy any more. He managed to get a job after a year of being unempl
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