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  1. Well I mean I had the other girls get tested and none of them had it. So this girl actually had to be the one who gave me it. I’m just confused by this whole thing. How does a girl go on like five dates with a guy over a span of a couple months, act like you are really into him in person, and then it just comes crashing down? I think she may have liked me and wanted more, but since we never talked about feelings and it was coming to a breaking point she just ended it.
  2. Do you really think shes keeping the door open? I feel like she would be a little more responsive and open over text, as she's being a lot more short and ending convos a lot sooner than usual. Since she didn't respond to my last text for the first time, I decided I'm not going to text her anymore. If she wants to hang out again, she can hit me up
  3. honestly i am low key thinking of moving to NYC in october so i feel a little guilty about dating her and then leaving but i would want to date her for a little up until then as its about 60/40 im thinking about moving in 6 months. but i also would be down to just keep up the continued casual sex because i actually like her as a person if she wouldnt want to date. its just so weird we started hanging out so much more frequently right before her trip and now shes acting a little weird all of a sudden. did she just give me a cutoff or something without even saying something? is she seeing ano
  4. Bare with me as this is a little long post. But it's just been all I've been thinking about the last couple of days and I feel like I've been wasting my energy on it and need some answers Background: I met this girl through Hinge for a date back in November. Im a 26 male and shes 25 female. We both live in a major city and live about 5 minutes walking from each other so its very convenient. We also are both from a suburb that is right next to each other outside the city. We actually have some mutual friends and everything so it wasn't like we were unfamiliar with each other. We pretty much
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