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  1. @Lambert Thanks...that's all good advice. Also wondering about when the queues remain positive but you still don't meet their criteria. I guess your third paragraph addresses that. Or you could always just find out what their 'checklist' is through conversation...down the road.
  2. This is an unusual twist to a topic that's been brought up often. I'm one of those reclusive types, so do not have much real-world experience to go by, but would like to change that if quarantine ends. I did "luck out" in the facial-aesthetics department (not bragging, as you'll see..just explaining the circumstances). So I almost always get the stunned/attractive eyes from girls/women, repeated eye contact, etc. And they're almost always eager & willing to converse initially. However, I'm only 5'8". I wouldn't think twice about this if it weren't for the consensus I've seen online..
  3. Interesting...all the 'extreme' opinions were expressed in the morning, and all the 'middle-of-the-road' ones in the evening.
  4. That's true too, and I don't think I would...I don't even have family here in So-Cal, and prefer to keep my prospects here. It's only the puzzling behavior I'm questioning, since it can apply to others. But yeah, she was probably trying to be gracious towards the mother...so why couldn't she just let it go instead of continuing dangling the carrot when my mother wasn't even there?
  5. In this particular case, because she lived out of the country and I can't text/call internationally. Just to confirm, maew, you're female too, right? Your gender doesn't show up. I just wanted to make sure, because I found it interesting that you had an opposite take on the situation from everyone else.
  6. Oh, I'm not even thinking about pursuing her...I just used this as an example to illustrate the point, because it was the clearest I one I could think of. Again, this was years ago anyway.
  7. This is a common pattern I've seen, and I wanted to see if any women here could offer their perspective. Here's a story (one example of several) from a few years ago. I met a young woman while visiting my mother out of the country (the two were already good friends). She and I chatted, exchanged emails, and she seemed only somewhat interested in me as a person. A couple of months down the road, we had added each other on Facebook, and I sent her a message (to initiate conversation) when she was online. I tried again a few weeks later, because I wasn't sure if my first one went through
  8. I had been 'courting' this girl off-and-on for three years. She works at a restaurant I deliver for--she's an employee; I'm an independent contractor. I then began eating there frequently when she was there--she always showed interest, making it more obvious as time went on--touching me, calling me her love, asking about my life, etc. I'm a novelist, and she bought a hard copy of my book--says she's going to read it and then her sister is. The last few months (until this week), she had no car, so I would drive her from this restaurant to her second job. It's a natural route for me throughou
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