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  1. When me and my boyfriend got together we had a very sexual relationship. And when I got pregnant alot of things changed, because after the first trimester I wasn't really interested in sex, Not 100% sure why, but I also had a lot of problems with my pregnancy, and so we didn't have sex very often. Now our daughter is a year old. And everynight we have sex the next day its like all he does is pick a fight with me. Also I have graves disease just found out so I have had problems with less sex intrest. And lots of tiredness. I was sleeping alot before i found out it was graves disease so i didn't feel good and havent gotten back into shape since our duaghter was born. So my stomach and hips and legs are still a bit chunky. And we had sex last night and all day he has been picking fits. He told me i looked nice. But hes not happy with the way i am. He made a comment that i should start raking laps around the house to help shrink my stomach. He told me he worries about my health. But doesn't take the disease into consideration. He told me that he wasnt going to tell me i look beautiful or pretty because he didnt want to encourage me to stay the wah i am. All of these things after we had sex last night. Literally ever thing that a women already thinks to herself as it is just got thrown at you by the one person who is supposed to support you and live you no mater what. And on a normal day this doesn't happen, it just had to be the day after we had sex, which in my opinion was really good. So i dont understand why this is happening it seems like the fights get worse and worse everytime we have sex. What do i do, i need advice i don't understand qhy hes like this. He made me cry today with every horrible thing he said which i tell myself day in and out alone. I don't need his help to feel like crap about my body now compared to before my pregnancy. Like what do i do to make this stop. Why does he pick foghts and say mean things? Why dows he snap. Its all only after a night of sex
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