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  1. We've been together 2 months .She left on Wednesday and on Thursday she sent me a bunch of pictures and told me how fun the trip was. I didnt hear from her for 2 days so on Sunday I texted her and got very short answers. Haven't heard from her since. Any idea what could have happened? Is she just in vacation mode or is there an issue? She comes back tomorrow.
  2. Thank you! That's what I figured...think I just needed some confirmation on that. She's pretty great! Thanks again
  3. I've been dating someone for about 2 months now. These past few weeks, we've spent 4-5 days together per week as well as whole weekends together. We've agreed to be sexually exclusive but she's not ready to be fully exclusive / my girlfriend. In the meantime, she has introduced me to a few of her very close friends and her brother. She also speaks of us in the future tense doing things with her family, meeting her dad etc. At this point I'm not quite sure why she wouldn't be ready to be fully exclusive / be boyfriend and girlfriend. I should note she went through a divorce a few years back (were both in our 30s) and she did mention she has a fear of giving it her all and either hurting me or getting hurt again. I'm trying to figure out if I should stay patient and keep riding with this since besides the issue with fully committing, us dating has been great...or if I should end it soon. Any advice would be helpful especially if you've experienced something similar.
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