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  1. Thans for your advice, I had a very good conversation with him. And he understands my feelings better now. He even decided on his own to cancel the apointment.
  2. I wouldn't leave yet either. What is the reason there is no intimacy? Did it die down because of the kids? If so do you have any close family members or friends that could babysit ones in a while, so you guys could go on date nights? It's important to invest time in your romantic relationship even after having kids. And try discussing what it is he misses in the bedroom. For him to look up a dominatrix, it probably was because he thought you would not be comfortable doing certain stuff with him in the bedroom. Try and figure out together what you would be comfortable with.
  3. Thanks for the input everyone, I appreciate it. I just wanted to clarify that he is def not the player type. But just someone with a really high IQ but low EQ. Which is why he does not see the dangers I see. Now it's up to me if I want to deal with having to always explain when things are not appropriate..
  4. That's what I thought, she wouldn't just profess her love for him out of the blue. Thanks for your advice.
  5. You're right he can't control other people's actions. It's just that I would personally not be ok with my friends trying to hook me up with other people. And let them know they were being disrespectful. Plus he just made these two friends during his recent travels, so it's not like they've known each other for years. And he only told me the full truth about those other situations after I found out. But yeah, I have some thinking to do..
  6. No, I don't, it's always in a group setting. I used to study with an ex every once in a while after me and my bf broke up and shortly after we got back together, but decided I didn't think it was appropriate since we were both attracted to each other and we were both in a serious relationship.
  7. Because he hasn't always been forthcoming about it and I had to find out myself. Plus he has these two female friends in another country that he sees when he's there for work. And they constantly seem to be trying to hook him up with other people or make jokes about him cheating. Which makes me question what he must have told them about our relationship for them to act this way and basically not acknowledge our relationship
  8. Go cold turkey, block and delete his number and all social media. So that it will be impossible to contact him ( even to the point of deleting call history so you can't still find his number). It sound like he's only causing you more pain. You need to take the time to heal and it might take a while. But looking for his attention in every possible way is only going to reopen your wound and make the healing process take longer imo Do you have any hobbies? Or try out new things and focus on becoming the best version of yourself. And if you want to go out with your friends, maybe try going out in a different place/city, just so your focus won't be on running into your ex but enjoying your time with friends. It might seem now like you'll never get over it, but time really does heal all wounds
  9. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost 3,5 years in that time he's made mention of certain female friends he had. But I've never met anyone of them. At first, I did not have a problem with it, they did not really seem to play an active role in his life. Until we had a breakup after 1,5 years and he kissed one of his female friends shortly after our break up. He did not tell me about, but I had a strange feeling about them and that's how I found out. And he then also admitted that they had kissed several times before we even got into a relationship. After that whole situation, we got back together and we agreed that he would not contact her again. Only to find out he was still talking to her and even had plans to meet up. I let it go again. He got a new job, that causes him to always travel all over the world. There was another female friend from his past he wanted to meet up with. He told me about this time, so I did not want to be difficult about it. But once again, I just had that strange feeling. He was gone for a long time for this trip and after meeting up with her, he just started communicating less and not picking up my phone calls. When he came back, he admitted that she came to see him at his hotel and came to his room and had confessed her love for him and that if he would break up with me, she would be waiting for him etc. Ones again we were in the position of him having a female friend, that clearly wanted to be more than friends. So I was not comfortable with them, keeping in touch. It was a struggle for months, with him still keeping in contact and me not being cool with it until he finally stopped. Things have gone really well ever since but about two weeks ago another female friend from the past popped up. And wants to meet up with him. He told me about it and suggested I come along to meet her, which made me feel better about the whole situation. But now this girl told him she wants to meet with him alone, because it has been a while since she's seen him and that it would make her uncomfortable if I am there. What should I do? He really wants to meet up with her and I just don't understand why she would have a problem with me being there if they are just platonic friends. Am I overreacting?
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