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  1. Well so far this year has already been the worst of my life. Lost a childhood friend to suicide, another childhood friend constantly in and out of hospital with complications. My 2 and a half year relationship has fallen apart without explanation, close family friend and close member of the family have unfortunately had a miscarriage and it’s taken it’s toll on me. Never seen the end of my relationship coming, although it was mutual I felt let down by my partners actions and lack of support, during the relationship I also drifted from friends who would support me... now I feel I have nobody. Where do I go about rebuilding from here..
  2. Me and my girlfriend have been together for 2 and a half years now. The first 20 months were absolutely perfect, went on numerous holidays, spoke about saving up for a mortgage and discussed a plan for when we wanted children etc. As well as this, I done everything for her and helped her through a lot of personal problems in that time. All of a sudden things changed. She started to hide her phone and speaking constantly to a friend from work (I know she has no feelings for this boy and he knows she has a boyfriend. He’s a few years older and extremely ugly) but the way he speaks to her is extremely annoying, constantly flirting with her, talking down to me etc. Turns out she then lied about meeting him and going a drive, says this was only because she didn’t want to upset me and cause arguments. After a few weeks of constantly arguing about the way this boy speaks to her, I eventually asked her to choose between deleting me or deleting him and she refused saying she didn’t want to lose me but didn’t feel it was fair to lose a friend over it. Within a day of that I’d told her I was finished and the other boy was mailing her asking her to go and stay at his, calling her babe and stepping the flirting another level... we’ve been working at it for weeks now to no avail, her family agree with me and have been raging at her since it all happened... any advice from anyone on what to do next, whether to continue or not would be much appreciated.
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