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  1. You have to find a way to get out of that. Sounds very toxic. I’ve been there. But no children involve so i understand that it’s hard to leave but you have to find strength. Especially for your child. You can do it! You deserve happiness
  2. You’re not wrong for feeling like that. A lot of people are into unusual things. As long as you’re not harming yourself or anyone else
  3. First off don’t let him record you! It doesn’t sound like you’re into him recording you. You Don’t want anyone else seeing that. And 8 years is a very long time for just a casual hook up. It seems like you want more than just a hookup. Be honest with yourself and him and tell him you actually want to be with him and if he doesn’t agree then move on. I’m sorry but it seem like you made him too comfortable so he might just want the hookup and nothing more. It’s ok, you can find someone else to give you more.
  4. Yes I’m over that drama. We have zero contact. I didn’t contact him since that last post. I’m not 100% over it but I know I NEVER want my ex In my life again. Hes blocked. That’s why I’m confused about what I want. With what I’ve been through, I told myself I was done with dating for at least 6 months but I met this new guy and he convinced me to go out with him. Like I said he’s been great just want to talk to him more. Maybe we can be friends but with no benefits. Or be together once I’m ready. I just want to know if it’s bad that he’s not calling me after sex
  5. I’m not. All true stories. I know my dating life is a mess
  6. Yes I made a mistake we’re a both 29. Yes I did go through a lot of painful break ups that’s why I’m confused also
  7. You are right about me playing games. I’m scared of being played so I try to put a guard up. I know it’s silly because I’m an adult. Our dates end with I had fun. Text me when you get home. He does and I don’t hear from him for two days.
  8. You’re absolutely right. We never had “the talk” I was avoiding that at first because I wasn’t sure if I wanted a relationship. again I want more time with him to know him. But I’m not getting enough calls. And not calling after sex kind of made me feel used so I’m a little reluctant to put myself out there
  9. I know the feeling. I was at that exact same place 3 months ago. My heart was broken. You know what I did? I prayed every day, Seek therapy, get new hobbies. I know you tired of everyone saying give it time, I was too. But it’s absolutely true. You have to give it time. Some days are going to be ok and others a little harder but you eventually going to start caring less. Like the messages above said dating is only going to help you temporary. It doesn’t take the feeling away. You have to give yourself time to let go. TRUST ME IT WILL GET BETTER!!!!! I’m living proof!!!
  10. So I’ve been dating this guy for six weeks. We see each other once a week.By our second date(second week) things got heavy and we had sex. I’ve always been the one to hold out on a guy but our chemistry was on point so I was down to have fun that night. I’ve always been in serious relationships. We are both 27. I like him and I was worried that he would judge me for sleeping with him too soon but he kept wanting to see me without having sex. 2 times. We go bowling, dinners. Since then I’ve noticed that the calls slow down. He’ll let 2/3 days go by before checking in. I tried to let him do most
  11. It seems like you’re not ready for a relationship. He has assured you he wants to be in your life so it’s all up to you. There’s no need to go back and forth. Just keep a casual friendship
  12. Not wanting children it’s an important life goal. He’s not going to not want children because you won’t. Break up now before it gets more complicated. You both can find someone on the same path
  13. Thank you for listening/ replying. Starting today I’ll try 2x harder
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