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  1. He has applied for a couple of jobs & one of his friends is supposedly sorting him out a job locally. The daughter gets Universal Credit benefits.
  2. She didn't leave the younger ones ( 19 & 12 years old) to fend for themselves. She came to my place for a day to get a breather because apart from the youngest girl everybody else there was giving her a hard time. She was back home by 7pm. Things appear to have calmed down & the girls father (my fiance's ex) is trying to help them find a place of their own. Hopefully soon this will be sorted out. The biggest bugbear for me was the attitude of the eldest girl & her hopeless boyfriend. The sooner they go the better!
  3. Thank you for your reply. Oh yes she can be a tough lady but it is her daughter & grandaughter & at the moment they have nowhere to go. As far as I know they don't owe money for drugs but they were threatened at their previous place (I'm not sure why) & they had to leave.
  4. Hello. I hope this is the correct forum to post this. My fiance' & I live in seperate homes five minutes away from each other in the same town. For the last few weeks her daughter, boyfiend & baby have been living with her & her two younger daughters. They do not contribute at all apart from a few pounds when the daughter gets benefits. They had to leave their previous home because of problems with drug gangs. They both smoke a lot of dope although not in my fiance's home. My fiance is a lovely. generous woman but also quite tough when needs be. Anyway things are taking their toll now & stress levels are high there. She had an argument with the boyfriend about babysitting & he apparently "lost it" & blew his top. She came to stay with me the next day to have a breather (It's not possible for her & the younger girs to live with me as my house is not big enough). The next day the boyfriend was acting like nothing had happened!! I told her to give them a date to leave by & I spoke to the daughter & she said they would leave as soon as possible. The boyfriend isn't violent (as yet anyway)but I feel like having a little word with him but it's not really my business & it could make things more tense. Any advice please?
  5. I lived in Australia & I had been to visit my sister & my mum in England in 1994(who was in a nursing home suffering dementia). After having a couple of visits to see mum I had a falling out with my sister & her husband & I was asked to leave their house where I was staying. I had to ask a friend to put me up for a couple of weeks. During the time at my friends I neglected to visit my mum (something I cannot understand or forgive) until the last week before I had to fly back. I was out with friends most of the time & I don't know what I was thinking. I rang my sister to see if she would pick me up to go & visit mum but she said no & I got a cab instead. I saw my mum & I was very upset at what I'd done & I broke down in tears outside the nursing home. When I got back to Australia I phoned the nursing home every two weeks to chat to mum & I told her how sorry I was & that I loved her. She forgave me & said she knew that I loved her. After a while her dementia got worse & I used to ring & speak to her carer to ask how mum was. By this time my sister in England (I have two older sisters who live abroad) would not speak to me or answer my letters. The day mum died I got a phone call from my sister & of course she was very upset & her husband had a real go at me about the funeral costs. I got a bank loan & sent them a cheque to cover the costs. My sister rang me back & we made up & we were close until she herself passed away in 2008. Anyway it was Mother's day last week & all this came flooding back to me & I feel so much guilt about this & all the other rotten things I put my mum through. I'm not a bad person but I'd been selfish & thoughtless on quite a few occasions in the past. Hopefully I'm a better person now. Sorry I just wanted to get this off my chest!!
  6. I'm in part time isolation (I work part time in a petrol station which is considered essential work). I had a dodgy chest & a sore throat last week. I contacted my GP & he rang me back & told me to gargle warm salty water & take vitamin C. Anyway now my glands are swollen which is a symptom of a throat infection. I thought I was dealing with things quite well until last night when my fiance ended our relationship. I have been helping her out with groceries & stuff I can buy from my workplace. We lived in seperate houses about a 5 minute walk away from eaxch other. I live on my own & she has two daughters at home. There was no explanation as to why she wanted to break up but some of her messages to me were very brief in the past few days. She is the only person I have any immediate contact with & I'm worried if we have no contact (she blocked me) that there will be no chance of getting back together!
  7. This is a very good idea I think. The letter will get things off your chest & hopefully clear your mind. It will also show your ex there are no hard feelings. It may even make things better for him in dealing with the break up without giving him false hope of a reconciliation.
  8. Hi Rose Mosse nice to see you on here. Yes it was quite embarrassing & I won't be texting my niece or brother in law. Not for a little while anyway. I'm looking forward to reading your always informative posts on this site. I'm sure the members will recognize how insightful you are!
  9. As a man I would insist on paying for everything on a first date. Old school standards!
  10. He does sound a rather abusive person verbally. The good thing is you broke with him. Move on & find someone who deserves you, even your ex had to admit that your'e quite a catch. Other men will think so too & treat you as such!
  11. Thanks for your reply. I already sent another grovelling apology & my niece accepted it with grace. I just hope the brother in law never finds out. It'll be a while until I message them again!
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