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  1. Things are finally over. It turns out she had indeed lost interest a long time ago, but was waiting to see if things turned around for her. She explained why she lost interest in me... It goes back to the 3 month mark, where I went to her house for her birthday. It appears she was expecting an invitation from me for her to come to my house, just like she had invited me into hers. I think that inviting her the very next day was very sudden and was waiting for an event to happen to send her an invite, since I've always been to her house on special occasions as well, but appearantly that is no
  2. Well, today is the day... After a very long week, in which I've been in hospital due to random health conditions, she is finally agreeing on meeting me to have a conversation, and from her tone, not a good one, since she said "we should talk"... To give you some context, she is a nurse, and so is my sister, so when I was all alone at home this weekend I reached out to the person that would answer me first: my sister, and she was the one helping me throughout the day. By luck (or not) I sent a message to my girlfriend by accident trying to give my hourly report on my body temperature to my
  3. Alright, that sounds easy enough, I'll see if she will share anything at all with me and if she doesn't I'll move into the "this isn't working" speech. I am not making any false promises, it was sort of a "condition" for both of us that this relationship would only work out if we wanted to make it serious, we weren't just going to be in a temporary thing, and that's what we both did since the very start. Thank you all for your help and support, I'll try to post an update as soon as I have news! If anyone wants to leave any further comments or sugestions I'll thank you as well, more informa
  4. That is the thing... I've known her for over 10 years, as friends/neighbours, and I've never seen her like this before. Every time I've seen her she looked happy, friendly, kind... When we started dating those first 3 months were the ones I saw her the happiest in my entire life, it is very strange for her to suddenly stop caring and start to be the opposite of what she has always been, or appeared to be... Speaking with her parents was wrong, I was desperate, but they too think this is strange because she seems to be completely normal to them, but for some reason we aren't as we used to be
  5. Hi, I'm "Johnny", and I'm kind of new here so I'll try explain things as best as I can... I'm in a fairly recent relationship, just closing in on the 6 month mark, but I am getting increasingly worried with my girlfriend... At the 3 month mark it was her birthday, and from that on she started to act strange... She stopped texting me like she used to, she stopped showing care and affection towards me, we started being together only once per week, if at all, and I thought it could have been a rough week at work so I let it slide at the time... Two weeks have passed, and I've decided to confr
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