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  1. She told me just a couple of days ago she wasn't seeing someone.. She is hard to read, when we first started seeing eachtiher it took me 7minths to get her in a date. She is quite a shy girl. I know deep down she isn't into me anymore. Which is a shame. I'm not putting my life on hold. I am not looking for another relationship right now, I want to focus on other parts of my life. The only relationship I would get into is one woth her but I'm not interested in dating at the moment.
  2. I asked her to meet up. She said she'd think about it....after getting in touch with me twice after she never mentioned it until I asked about it. She told me she was still thinking. She dienst want to build my hopes by saying yes nor does she want to say no and regret saying no. So she said she will tell me when she knows...
  3. I guess she doesn't but have the same feelings as I have for her. If she could do that. Like you say I'm a back up plan, I just struggle to think she could be like that, maybe she isn't the person I thought she was when we were together .
  4. I'm beginning to think that. She told me she would think abiut meeting up, she told me about how she felt towards the end of the relationship, the way I made her feel, it was a shock to me and I never knew that's how I was making her feel. She said she was really upset at the end and I said a lot of things that made her feel bad. All I was trying to do was try and solve the problems we were having. I'm absolutely gutted she felt like this because I never intended to make her feel like that and I don't recall saying anything to make her feel like this. But I guess I must have. She got back in touch the other day, started convo talked for a while and I was waiting for her to say yes or no to meet up, she never did mention it. I didn't want to ask because she said she would let me know.....she's now stopped replying and ignored my last reply to her.
  5. She said a lot of things were said, by me that made her upset and felt she couldn't win. Im absolutely gutted I made her feel like that, I'm not a band person and genuinely didn't believe I said things to make her feel like I was trying to be horrible to her. She hasn't replied to me so I'm going to say she's not interested in seeing me.
  6. She was never really good at communicating. I tried to get to the bottom of it and I guess became more and more desperate because I could see us slipping away and I tried to make things better but ultimately I failed. Thanks, in all honesty I didn't think she would be like that but maybe I'm looking at things through rose tinted glasses. She took things very personal
  7. I don't know the reason she lost interest, she would stop asking to see me, excuses not to do things etc. But when I would ask her if she wanted to be in the relationship she would reply she has never said she hasn't. I still love her and find it hard to let go. I have develop bad anxiety over the last few months and the thought of her with someone else kills me to be honest
  8. So I broke up with my six months ago. She seemed to lose interest and in the end we both mutually agreed to end. It's someonthing I didn't want but after trying and trying I saw no other option. A few days ago I told her I still have feelings, we have been keeping in minimal contact. I told her I still have feelings and that if I could change things I would. That I remember the good times etc. She asked me if I'm trying to say I want to try again. I said to her I'd like to meet for coffee and see how things went. But only if we both wanted it. She mentioned about how difficult the end was and that's soemthing she can't forget. She said she's confused. That we had good times but the end was bad. She told me she'll think about it. How would you read this? Am I wasting my time?
  9. That makes sense. I just can't wait for the day my mind feels free of it all. It's only me that can do it now. She still sending me a link yesterday, I don't know why she doing, I thanked her for it and she never got back.
  10. Still missing her. It seem s worse in the mornings and less so at night. I think it's the anxiety at getting through another day, everyday feels so hard at the moment. I know she's long gone and doesn't even think about me anymore. I wish I could switch my feelings off!
  11. Thankyou. That makes a lot of sense. I think I'm 'over' the relationship now it's just the new discovery of her with someone else which has brought it all back. I keep asking myself, what's he got better, why him and not me, how can she move on so fast, but I guess she probably switched off long before we even broke up. I just wish she would of told me. My biggest anxiety is thinking of them 'togther' the more I try and not think about it, the more I do...like you said.
  12. Thankyou. I've bben trying to. I'm blaming myself a lot and wishing I had done things different. I was doing OK after a couple of months after breaking up, feeling better, she was still on my mind all the time but I was able to function better. Now this new guy is in the scene it's brought everything back. All I can thing about is them together. I'm comparing myself to him a lot, he seems to have a lot more to offer than I ever could. The fact she's getting attention off him and she wants nothing to do with me. Sounds selfish I know but I guess it feels painful for me to accept this. I've had relationships before but I've never experienced anything like this I'm usually a pleasant quietly confident guy but this has battered my self esteem. I think it's the fact she found someone so soon. If it had happened months down the line and I was mentally more accepting to the break up I don't think I would feel as bad, it's the fact I was just starting to feel better and then it's come crashing down again.
  13. Thankyou all. It's good to know I will eventually get through it. It's a struggle at the moment. I fell for her badly and I just feel cast aside I guess. It's a real shame she didn't seem keen to work on things, but like has been said it's clear she didn't want to spend time with me and I need to remember that. I keep telling myself to stop thinking about someone who isn't even give me a second thought. What is the point. If she liked me she would be trying to sort things out or at least see me for a coffee. I don't plan on contacting her now, she has stopped replying to me so no point in even trying. Just need to accept that the girl I fell for doesn't feel the same. Can't wait for the day when I don't care anymore
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