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  1. It sounds to me like he is VERY shy and you maybe need to just give it a shot (even if it’s painfully awkward) and talk to him in person, get him out of his comfort zone. If he is still staring at you then there is something up? Or maybe he has severe paranoia, idk...Lol
  2. I played coy because I’m afraid he’ll take it the wrong way if I said I was gay, it was in the spur moment. I am open to my immediate family, I’ve had not the best experience with my twin brother and father, so I’m not exactly ready to tell everyone. I just feel as if this kid is telling me that he’s bi, he’s trying to get me to tell him something, like you stated.
  3. You aren’t alone, I love you and I don’t even know who you are.
  4. I once had a similar encounter lol. Last summer I went to the beach about 4 hours away from my home. I met up with someone I matched on tinder and we went out and had a great time. No sex but we kissed. It was great and I developed feelings. Once I left the beach about 3 weeks later they came up to visit me and it sort of felt different in a way. That might be what she could feel? Yes, it’s a good relationship but you could find MANY others that are closer to you.
  5. A good friend of mine, who is good friends with my brother also, has college classes with me and has been doing so for the past year and a half. Over time, our friendship has grown. Maybe a little to close? We’re two guys, I’m gay, and most people I assume don’t really know. He’s presumably straight, has a girlfriend and is a great guy. Ever since we got closer as friends, he constantly makes staring glances at me (sitting next to me) waiting for me to look over, once I look at him, he smiles and turns away. Other cases are the touching; always patting my head, not flinging when my body accide
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