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  1. To make a long story short, my boyfriends parents have a band and their drummer has always been a little crazy. He has a criminal background, and they ended up kicking him out of the band. Right after that he took down the website he made for the band and hacked into their Facebook accounts. He uses multiple spoof numbers to harass. It started with him harassing my boyfriends parents with constant calls and pornographic texts, and it moved on to me and my bf. this has been happening for over a month now. He uses different IP addresses to make it harder to trace him down. We have made over 12 police reports and installed cameras outside the house because we are scared. Somehow he got my email address and sent me an email saying said all of this will be pinned on you and Connor (my boyfriend). Now the detective called and he only wants a statement from me. I am scared the drummer changed his IP to mine and is going to have all of this thrown on me. I just don’t understand why he would only want a statement from me and nobody else when this has been happening to everyone. This whole thing is so stressful
  2. Thank you so much to everyone who has replied. It has helped me immensely.
  3. This is probably really long but I would greatly appreciate it if you read it because I really need some advice. My dad has been mentally abusive since I was a small child. Probably 4. Not just to me, my whole family but I was targeted most. Growing up was hard around him. He would take his anger out on me a lot. Blame things on me that I didn’t do. And call me names. I was called fat, ugly, worthless and many more terrible names growing up. He would trash my room, yell in my face, and punish me all the time. I am 21 now and it has damaged me so much. There’s so many more horrible stories, but it’s too much to write. My parents would fight and my dad got even more abusive to my mom. Pushing her down the stairs, throwing things around the house, punching holes in the wall and he even kicked her out once. All of these memories will forever stick in my memory because I was young, (12) but old enough at that point to realize this shouldn’t be happening in front of me and my siblings. My parents didn’t get along finally and my mom divorces him. It has been 7 years of him harassing my mom through texts, calling her the most horrible names imaginable, him calling CPS on her, picking fights with her new husband, and putting us kids in the middle of it. If we say anything nice about her, he will get mad and yell at us, saying we are on his side. He will complain to us about her, just completely trash talking her and it isn’t right. My brothers feel the same way as me, even though they weren’t targeted as much they have seen the abuse and grew up with is as well. They are also scared of him. Lie to him to make him happy. A few days ago my dad calls me and says that he is scared he is going to be alone forever, he misses coming home to his kids and wife, and that he’s depressed. He says he wants to talk to my mother to “be on good terms”. He says the relationship wasn’t to the point of divorce! He kept repeating that. I usually go along with anything he says to avoid conflict. It’s like walking on eggshells, you have to be very careful with how you talk to him or he will explode. He calls her and it goes ok, then calls her again a couple days later and he picks a fight with her threatening to take her to court. Then gets mad at me saying that I am “on her side”. At this point I don’t know what to do. He says he wants to have a relationship with me but if I am being honest, I am not comfortable with that at all. He obviously isn’t changing into a better person. At the same time he is my father and I feel like I should. It would be impossible to tell him this. How should I go about this? What do I even say to him?
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