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  1. Why don't you have your own account, and pool the same amount as him, into a shared account (with both your names) every month
  2. Well, you're talking it out on here hopefully you'll find the kind of support you personally need, like a divorced father's support group
  3. How long was the marriage? Can you petition to annul? Did you just pay for the license ($50-100) and/or did you have a ceremony with his family? Are you speaking with them? 50k is not worth a lifetime with this dishonest man. It can be gone in a second. I'd get a lawyer if you plan on something more complex, don't think none of us can help with the legal part
  4. I also think you're afraid to fail. You're not too old at all. Society puts pressure on taking certain steps to guarantee wealth and security . In reality , it's not as simple as point A to point B . Life has many pathways and it's ok. Not sure if this place is good for venting support
  5. You quickly assumed. Nobody said to give him a second chance. By letting him take care of himself, don't chase him and leave him alone, that's doing him a favor
  6. Do him a favor and let him take care of himself, he cannot take care of him plus you , at this time. Maybe in the distant future, but def not now . To find out why you are "like this" it takes several sessions of therapy, but you already know this, from your mental health profession...
  7. Is this like a workout program? So you paid your membership. Hang out with the men since you know them and you won't get distracted . The others probably see you as alone and lost, so hang with guys for guidance. Because you are paying to workout, your focus should be on working out, not socializing. they are not there for relationships they're also paying to work out. If this is like a gym..
  8. It's been said once or twice... Find another hangout spot, not a teenager spot. By being continuously present at that place and time, you are assumed to be wanting relationships with those people.
  9. If it is you, it sucks you feel to write in third-person to avoid personal unnecessary judgement and criticism, sorry this happened and whatever you (or your friend) decide, stay strong. There's nothing anyone here can say to change your mind because it is your own decision that you (or your friend) strongly feel
  10. But disability is some kind of income? Do you mean you need money now?
  11. Take the low-paying job for now, you won't find the perfect job for a while, it takes time. might as well take what you've been offered
  12. It can be fun, it can be hell, be prepared for anything. International attendants are imo more attentive to kids so that's good. My then 2-y/o, extremely social, did walk around and tried high-fiving everyone (ew germs, need wipes)
  13. I think he needs to respect and be mindful of your needs, like setting up a time frame for intimacy after he turns you down. Is he trying to keep himself healthy for you, like regular checkups?
  14. I realize it seems like I am lazy with the way I type, text-speak, shorthand, I didn't write like this when I joined social media 10years ago. I am also exhausted constantly in a brain fog
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