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  1. You are very right. It's just hard to completely cut ties with him. We were inseparable for a year. Have you had a similar situation happen to you?
  2. It's just been so hard on me. Blocking someone is a big step. I was expecting him to block me on everything because that is what he did with his last ex, but he didn't. When i decided to start focusing on myself i deactivated my accounts for a good 2 weeks. It helped. I don't go on his accounts, but i do look at who views my stuff (everyone can attest to that), how can i not notice he's my number one? We all know instagrams algorithim for that.
  3. He literally hasn't missed A SINGLE story i have posted. He is usually one of the first one's who sees it and is number one on the list of views. He broke up with me 2 months ago, even though I didn't want to break up. Last time we spoke was a month ago. I have been doing no contact since then. Spent this time focusing on myself and bettering myself which is evident in my social media accounts. I just don't get why men do that? Does he still care? I know I wouldn't bother looking at my ex's social media if i didn't care anymore. He's haunting me.
  4. I have been improving myself. I've been working out a lot lately. It's been great for me mentally. My new job has been challenging, but intellectually stimulating. Looking into starting my doctorate possibly soon.
  5. There were other stressors in the relationship I hadn't mentioned. I think often times we just met at bad times in each others lives. I was dealing with a family loss at home, it was sudden and happened while I was living with him. It destroyed me, but I couldn't really talk about her. I felt like i lost myself for a bit, i became more withdrawn and that added to his insecurities. He didnt know my cousin died, because I was having a difficult time talking about her. I should have told him. I had planned on it when i was ready. That was part of the reason i had gone home for a month, my family
  6. I guess I never saw it in that way, a different perspective for sure. I asked for space because I was scared I was losing him. I was emotional, I'm human. We all say things in the heat of the moment that we don't mean. I've regretted so much. And i have tried to see him, throughout this all i have asked to see each other, to meet and talk. He wouldn't. There's so much I've wanted to say. And apologize for. He has made his fair share of mistakes too, but i can forgive. He gets so stubborn he can't. He would yell over the dumbest things, and name call, but he would immediately apologize.
  7. This is kinda a long story, but I guess all relationship stories tend to be like this. We were dating for almost a year. The moment we met it was so easy and natural. We spent almost everyday together, and on those rare days we weren't he would be calling me throughout the day. After a few months of dating he told me he loved me (I didnt say it back, he knew i didn't toss those words around easily). He always spoke so highly of me to his family and his friends, I loved it. He put me on this pedestal. Told me I was beautiful almost everyday, made me feel so damn special. We had so much in commo
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