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  1. Everything has changed, I don’t understand how things could be so great one week and complete crap the next. We have been talking for a couple months and it’s been up and down. 2 week ago to be honest I was going to walk away from it all. Put her feelings aside about how she doesn’t want me to leave but expects me too. But things changed last week. She was so with me, she wanted to hang out more, all the time. She was calling and texting sweet things to me. Well she normally did that but now it was a little more graphic. When we hung out last week she told me she liked me and I told her the same but she didn’t want things to change right now. Everything was going great, we even made out. Which she was really into, starting it back up after it ended the first time. After that night things continued greatly. She continued texting and snapping me some friendly some flirty, some sexy. Now this week everything has changed. She is a little distant. We went from talking 3 times a day over the phone to barely talking once a day. Rarely texting, the sweet I miss you text and I’m thinking about text don’t come anymore. The sexy snaps or any snaps at all are gone. Everything has changed. We still talk everyday, but our conversations are only 5 to -10 mins. When last week they were 30 to 1 1/2 hour long. I can t really complain to much because she normally calls me, so it’s not like she’s completely pulling away. My question is do I say something to her. She has recently been going through some stuff this week. So I’ve tried not to take it personally but in the back of my head I’m like don’t be stupid. So question, do I say anything to her, or leave it alone and hope it changes back We have had a similar conversation where she said she’d rather me be upfront and just say what’s going on. Part of me wants To ask. Like is everything good between us. You’ve been a little distant lately. Which I had the opportunity last night to say when we talked but I didn’t. Like I mentioned a lot of stuff has happen this week in her life so, I’m trying not to make the distance about me. What should I do?
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