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  1. my girlfriend and i have been dating for 3 months and have had an on and off again thing for about a year. we are in love and for the most part things are perfect. both of us struggle with trust issues, anxiety, depression, etc. so we care about honestly a lot. when i first met her she was dating my best friend and they were only together for about a few months but they have remained good friends for years. about a month before we officially started dating her and my best friend made out. my best friend knew i liked her and she made the move because she was depressed and wasn’t thinking straight. i still cannot stop thinking about it and it drives me crazy. the thought of them together breaks my heart and ruins me for weeks. i told her how i feel and that she did nothing wrong but whenever we talk about it, it makes her feel horrible and depressed. i cant take it, im in love with her and don’t want to break up but idk if i can take it anymore. what should i do
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