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  1. Xife

    I’m a wuss

    No need as I already solved the problem... I realised that Life has no purpose, nothing matters and we’re all going to die anyways so I might aswell go for it and be happy. Peace my man
  2. Xife

    I’m a wuss

    Thats the most useless advice you can give...lol. I won’t change by you telling me to be confident, it’s like telling someone who’s scared of public speaking to go out and run a seminar. I’ve got big inner confidence but it’s just that when it comes to kissing my situational fear comes along and ruins everything haha
  3. Xife

    I’m a wuss

    Let’s word it like this, I was a total women repellant until a year ago haha. I did some self development work and now I’m getting girls regularly but it’s just that I’m still not fully comfortable with them.
  4. Im a younger guy (15) and I’ve been dating this girl for a while, she’s incredibly important to me, it’s going great. She’s clearly into me too. Our dates are light hearted, flirty, touchy etc however in our more recent date I had an opportunity which I lost, We were touchy, slapped each other’s butts and held hands but later on in the date we decided to go cinema. While we were waiting for the movie we watched memes and our faces were really close like a cm or two away from each other, she kept on licking her lips, looking at mine, we kept on getting closer and closer till… nothing happened, I couldn’t make the move and kiss her. I was always on the verge of kissing her but when I actually tried I just couldn’t something stopped me. During the movie she had her arms crossed and her body facing away from me. I got so nervous that I had great trouble to make a move and grab her hand. I want a relationship out of this but how do I stop this from happening ever again? Also I’ve noticed that she became a lot more dominant since the last dates, is this some kind of test? Why would this be? How do I prevent this?
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