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  1. Thank you all for the questions, feedback, and advice! Firstly, I would like to restate if I didn't word it right above but my current boyfriend is not in any way trying to pressure me into anything I'm not comfortable with. He's actually very respectful and understands that I am shy about it. I don't think that he should just not mention it again until I'm ready because then it would probably never happen because of how my anxiety works I tend to have to push myself to get over my anxiety anyway. It's definitely not that I don't want to because I do. To the person that asked why I made
  2. So I've always had anxiety when it comes to oral sex. It makes me hesitant to even receive oral because I don't want to feel bad if I chicken out with giving oral. I'm trying to overcome it the best I can but now I'm in a new relationship and feel like I have to start over again. Last guy I was with let me cover his face the first time but he sneakily uncovered his face. lol. He always have compliments or I could tell that he liked it and all but I am petrified every single time. It sucks because I enjoy it and it turns me on but at the same time I'm extremely nervous and terrified and I f
  3. I agree with others above that say to go to his sister and ask about the beach visit he suggested to her and get it set up properly. Sure, he is probably saying it through your daughter to annoy you since he knows who he should be going through but be the bigger person for your daughter and go about it correctly. As for being uncomfortable... Ask yourself if your uncomfortable just because of how he went about it and if it's because of the girlfriend. Is there an actual legitimate reason to be uncomfortable that affects the safety of your child? Sounds to me like it's not so much a safety
  4. From my own recent experiences, I will say.. if a guy is not SAYING that he is committing to you then he is not committing. He may have lead you on by behaving certain ways but that doesn't mean a thing if he's not actually showing he is committed and he has told you his hesitation before plus he was with someone else while you were gone. How could you trust him even if he were to all of a sudden say he wanted a commitment (not likely at this point). It's not worth holding out hope for something that he isn't showing is going to happen. Him being your friend and hanging out with you and thinki
  5. Hey. I'm sure many of you out there also have experienced bouts of anxiety. I've realized that I've had anxiety pretty much my entire life and I have health with it in numerous ways. I have good days and bad days just like everyone else. I've been trying to reshape my perspective on many things in my life. I have been dealing with depression for several years now. It's especially rough in the winter months and typically levels out in the summer. This past year has been a lot of up and down but I feel like I'm at a turning point in my life. As summer is approaching I can also feel naturally my
  6. I don't think there's anything wrong with talking to a lot of guys. I have usually gotten along with guys a lot better than girls anyway. I'd say I have an even mix of guy and girl friends at this point in my life but I don't see why it would be a bad thing to have many friends of the opposite gender if you wanted. That's different than seeking attention. If you're purposely going out of your way to force a friendship that would be attention seeking. Ive known guys that have had lots of female friends to it would be hypocritical for a guy to judge a girl with lots of male friends. If someone j
  7. Thanks. You're right. I've thought of it this way as well but sometimes it helps to hear it from someone else. I do admit that I have used my friend for emotional support in ways that probably shouldn't have been in a healthier friendship. I didn't exactly realize how they felt or to the extent until I came back and before it was probably something we were both ok with because neither of us were in relationships. My friend even admits they were upset I was talking with someone else even while they were in this relationship and acknowledged how unhealthy that was of them to be jealous on their
  8. So I've been best friends with this person for many years and we live together. Our friendship is sort of unhealthy on both parts. I've always like this person as a friend and they did like me even more than a friend for many years but they understood that I didn't feel the same way romantically. We had gone many years totally cool with our friendship the way it was. We are super close. Practically a couple without the romantic side to it. We've been on lots of trips together. I moved away last year and our friendship naturally changed. My friend got into a relationship. Things weren't
  9. Yes, this is inconsiderate that she invited all of them without talking with you about it first especially since you booked and paid for it. Have you talked with her about how you feel about this? You have every right to talk with her and explain how this hurts you. Sounds like both of you need to communicate better. If this isn't the only thing she doesn't include you in on when it comes to decision making then you two are long overdue for a discussion on this and a real heart to heart. The two of you should be making this kind of decisions together. As far as decisions with her kids in g
  10. I think there is no harm in going on a date with girl #2 and exploring your options. You haven't made things official yet with girl #1 and she seems to be showing less interest anyway. Why not keep your options open? If you were official that would be one thing but just dating and nothing set in stone yet.. why not go on the date with the 2nd girl and see where things stand? If that makes you too uncomfortable just going on a date and seeing how it goes then talk with girl #1 first and see how she feels and then you'll have your answer on what to do about girl #2. I have a feeling girl #2 woul
  11. If it was me, I would just go ahead and tell her. Waiting is just going to drag it out more. I would tell her one on one vs at an event with lots of people. There's always going to be some reason in your head to make you afraid to tell her. At some point you either push through it and just be open and honest or you hold it in and miss an opportunity. Ultimately it's up to you and if you feel ready or capable of pushing out of your comfort zone to speak up. However, also, the longer you wait.. the more likely the opportunity could pass if she were to end up dating someone. Maybe my advice m
  12. I've never been able to cum through penetration either. She's definitely not alone. I think it's way more common then people think. I really tend to not have a huge problem with this but I get more frustrated or anxiety if I feel the guy is actively trying so hard to make it happen. I understand that he just wants me to enjoy it and it's a big goal for guys but sometimes you can feel like you're under pressure to. I'd just try out different things just for fun to change things up and all but don't expect it to happen. Just have fun. If it happens it happens.
  13. It's tough, especially when you've been such close friends, but ultimately if you don't tell her then she may never know and you could miss a potential chance. I know you don't want to risk the awkwardness and possible loss of a friendship. I think if she is truly a friend that she will remain friends with you even if she doesn't feel the same as long as you've said how you feel and if she doesn't feel the same just leave it be. I have a best friend of 11 years and he's liked me for years. We are very close but I have never been able to think of him romantically and I've even entertained th
  14. You can't really predict whether or not she's going to want more. She may be perfectly content with the FWB situation, at least for now. Maybe that might change in the future. That's kind of the nature of the situation.... You don't have any commitment so the future is kind of foggy and both parties have to be okay with no future expectations. You either go with the flow or if it bothers you too much... End it. I just recently got out of a FWB situation with a long time friend. Initially, I did start to develop a bit of a crush on him but I'd think that in most cases that's what's going to
  15. This definitely sounds like an unhealthy relationship. Honestly, I'm not sure how true what she said about being told she couldn't have kids was. It's possible she could have just said that so it would be easier for you to impregnate her. Either way, that's too late to matter at this point. I would definitely find a way out of the relationship. I would also consult with a lawyer first regarding the legal issues with your child. I would also be concerned about your son with her mental state. If you feel at all uncomfortable with the idea of her raising your son by herself in her mental state
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