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  1. If I’m honest, I think he’s started to like someone else but still says he loves me so is confused. I don’t want to discuss with him over text, for obvious reason, I am seeing him Friday evening so I will discuss in person then. I don’t need to be messed around - I hope I learn the truth.
  2. I definitely agree, I am seeing him tomorrow (Friday) and I’m going to speak to him then and hope he comes clean about what’s really going on.
  3. I mean I want my dream job and house before anything else & with regards to my dream job, I would struggle to find time to have children realistically so I haven’t fully dreamed about a family. With regards to marriage, it would be nice but I know couples who aren’t married and have been together their whole lives insanely happy. I’m only 20 and I don’t think I should be making these kind of decisions yet.
  4. Hey, thanks. I know I shouldn’t snoop but something didn’t feel right and I felt like I was correct. He’s concerned about future etc because I mentioned I want kids and marriage and he’s not that into it, but It’s not my priority for the future!
  5. Would you class it as cheating? I’m unsure, I’ve never been in this situation before so I don’t know what to say! It feels like he has if I’m honest.
  6. Thanks everyone. Things have been going amazing to be honest, it was just the sudden change of behaviour that prompts me to check- but obviously I can’t tell him this! I don’t mind him hanging out with girls, but I think individually drinking and secretly is weird and he’s genuinely never done this before. I think they used to work together about 3 years ago, but nothing since then! He’s always been open and invited me out with his friends etc! I don’t want to accuse him of cheating if I don’t have proof, but I feel like he has feelings for someone else suddenly and can’t cope.
  7. Thanks again. I will speak to him about it and say something similar to what you said, I don’t actually want to lose him as he helped me through my depression, panic attacks etc and has done so much for me making me a better person too and we have so much fun and laughter, but if this carries on how it is now for a while, it’s probably not right
  8. Agree and I will when I see him this weekend, calmly. It’s weird because they have never had contact before, don’t have each other on any social media & have no mutual friends between them! But the messages looks like he’s wanting to say he has feelings, which is bizarre to me as he’s not like that at all. Hopefully I have got the wrong idea completely, just very mysterious to me. I will then after, speak about our relationship. Thank you!
  9. Thank you as well. I don’t think he’s as committed to me as I am to him, he’s my first proper boyfriend and I’m his second GF , he was broken hearted before and I think he’s scared to fully commit thinking I’ll be the same. I don’t want to suddenly finish it, I want to properly sit and talk and try and get my point across as we are both young!!
  10. I guess so, just concerns me something else is underlying this. I’m obviously only 20 and I want a big career & ive told him marriage and children are not a main concern for me, I’ve just been brought up for it to be “normal” but I would rather have a stable income and career. He is just all over the place with worries that he isn’t good enough for me it seems. I’m very scared.
  11. Thank you, that was helpful. We are usually very happy, it’s just suddenly changed which is why i think something has happened that he’s too afraid to tell me, especially as he’s going to see this random girl. I am trying to focus on exams but I’m struggling a lot to get it off my mind. We have both spoken about 1 hour ago and decided to think about it for a little, have space this week and then come back together to speak again. This girl is just bothering me though!!
  12. Me and my boyfriend have been dating for 1 year 4 months, argued over petty things but never anything major. Recent week he has suddenly changed, been very low and concerned about our future as I will potentially want marriage and kids and he isn’t fussed- these things aren’t my priority. Anyway, in the same week he has met up with a girl (who he has never mentioned, never messaged before, never had on social media and never met up with before) out of the blue to “talk” about something. I feel like he’s hiding something big from me that’s suddenly happened and I don’t want to accuse him of cheating without significant evidence as it’ll ruin it more. I’m very stuck, do I trust him and let him get along and us have a little space & time for ourselves or do I question him? As I saw the message on his phone, I was breaking the boundaries! Help!!! I’m very confused and have exams happening etc and I don’t want to get the complete wrong end of everything, if he’s feeling low I want to help but what do I do about this girl?
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