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  1. Haha so you saying you actually ARE dumb...haha
  2. sorry annie, i didn't see your post before i posted. that was a good point. Totally made me understand why they would do this lol.
  3. lol I just don't understand why guys would avoid the subject at hand since it's already brought up, and since me and him both know it's happened...why not talk about it, even for just a second, instead of playing dumb and dancing around the subject? Anyway, about the first guy....does it seem like he's not interested in me if he avoided the subject?
  4. Hmmm why do guys play dumb? I've always wondered about this.... For example, a friend of mine recently told a guy that I have a huge crush on him, which made me mad because it's not entirely true....anyway I confronted the guy I supposedly "have a huge crush on" and apologized about what my friend said, and the guy totally played dumb and pretended he didn't know what I was talking about, avoiding the subject.... And another time, I sent a mushy email to the wrong guy by accident, and later when I apologized about it he played dumb and acted like nothing has happened, and still continued to talk to me and showing interest. lol why do guys do this?
  5. whoa thats so funny...cuz some guy is doing exactly the same thing to me! he came on strong at first...then 3 days ago when i tried to talk to him he suddenly became cold and gave like one word answers....so i got scared and stopped talking to him....so ur saying u like this girl but u don't want to push it with her?? meaning you're interested but.....? and if she tries to talk to u why would u do that to her? what would u want the girl to do for you to go back to being super sweet again? lol im just trying to figure out the mentality of this guy whos doing exactly what u're doing.
  6. wow ur situation is pretty similar to mine....! link removed take a look...it might help u
  7. By the last sentence do you mean if i act distant and cold now he will be super nice again? or did you mean he changed his attitude BECUZ i was distant and cold? you guys are all right, i do have a feeling he's pissed cuz he saw me being really touchy with another guy...and the last time we saw each other i was being kind of standoffish, but yesterday i realized what i done and decided to call him to show i'm still interested and THAT'S when he hurt me by being very very cold. hey i tried...can't say i didn't do anything to redeem myself cuz i did call, but what can i do next time i see him to make it up to him? if u can be specific thats even better, lol thanks
  8. we see each other a couple times at school. i wouldnt say we know each otehr well enough to be friends. he did alot of the initiating (convo, calls, messenger,etc)...and i'm nice to him, i wouldn't say i flirt with him....but i'm never ever mean to him either...i just can't believe the sudden change in attitude...he went from super flirty/aggressive to standoffish/totally disinterested....but i guess i'll do what u said and see how he acts next time i see him i'm still sooo hurt. i don't understand.
  9. but im never clingy at all.... and he told me hes looking for a relationship...and even if he found someone he's more interested in than me he doesn't have to kick me completely out of the picture...cuz thats kinda rude right...wut's wrong with friendship? wuts wrong with me? what did i do?
  10. there's this guy that showed interest in me and was very aggresive about it...but today he's suddenly turned so cold....and i have no idea why...i'm so hurt =( what are some reasons for a guy to suddenly lose interest in a girl?
  11. a number of u mentioned do not lead a guy on....if i date several guys at once in order to figure out which one i'd eventually like to end up with, does that equal leading them on/stringing them along? if i be honest and tell them im not interested in a relationship and that im commitment phobic, then wouldn't i be screwing myself if i change my mind after fooling around that im ready for a relationship?
  12. hi everyone, i just started college....and i feel like a whole new world has opened up for me. Even tho i want to fall in love (ive never been in love before) and be blown away by one special person and be in a commited relationship, part of me want to just be able to fool around with hot guys with no strings attached....so i'm torn as i really dunno what i want....there is this guy that is expressing interest in a relationship with me, but i am not sure if i want to go for it cuz i am commitment phobic...im scared of the feeling of being tied down....but on the other hand, i want to experience love...what do u guys think i should do? should i avoid getting exclusive and just have fun? cuz i honestly dont know.....
  13. i just started college too.....if a guy invites u to his dorm room after u guys exchanged like 3 words with each other does that mean he wants to do it up? or get to know u?
  14. hahaha that's what i do!! works everytime. try it Cat!
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